Silent Meaning


Each person comes into your life for a reason.

Some, to stay a moment then leave.

Others, to become meaningful and special to you.

Finally, there is the other type who slips into your soul almost unnoticed.


Unnoticed and silent.

They are the one you see, but never really know.

The one you care about, but don’t understand.

The one you think about, but not very often.

The one you talk to, but never really hear.



The one you loved, but never even knew it.


The silent one, is the person you passed by every day. On your way to work and appointments.

They were the quiet personally and the sad eyes.

The one behind the desk, or at the counter.

The customer you saw regularly, the cashier you went to often.

The person at your school, or job. The one who lived next door.

You never really knew them, yet they were still a part of you.

They were a part of your life like the wind and the trees are a part of you. You only notice them in passing fleeting moments.

You never take time to think about them.


They are always there.


Until one day, they are gone.


And the grass dies and the leaves fall and the person is gone from your life like a summer breezes that departs in the fall.


And everything carries on as it did before.

Except it’s different now.

Your world is smaller.

Your heart is bigger.

And your life is a bit less colorful.



We never know what we have until we loose it.

We never know what we’re missing until it arrives.

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Great Message!

Also these people who float into and out of your life can be just some of your soul mates. Many arrive just in time for your benefit and then they are gone. Some never to be seen again and others will be around a while. Others yet to remain close and at times even deep in your heart as you so nicely put it. Some for just one time segment. Bottom line is the very person standing in front of you is there for a reason, do realize why they are there? Most of the time it is for you.


For that matter, what made you think of this?

Perfectly said!

Very well spoken.

Aw...thanks so much! <br />
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Yes you are a writer! I can say that from what I've just read. I would hang this on my wall.

!!!!!<br />
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*shocked*<br />
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You guys!!!<br />
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Lol, I'm not a writer. <br />
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Thanks for the comments though, I'm blushing.

I agree with you all... its a very good and inspirational story.<br />
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I'm gone definitely recommend this one ;)

Beautifully said and so true! I agree with the last comment you should be a writer!

i comepletely agree...are you a writer? if not you should be

Very well written and so very true!

very nicely written!