I'm Grateful

I've had some very special people in my life and some very hurtful bad people too, but i am grateful to all of them. It started when i was was 5 and i started being sexually abused by my step dad. It ended when i was 10. Even though this one person did the worst possible thing that he could do to me, i'm grateful it happened. I was a very timid girl and extremely quiet, which i guess made me an easy target to begin with. But my experience didn't hold me back in life. I became stronger and more willing to share. I was better then he was. I didn't want him too win. Then my first boyfriend came along when i was 13. He was older than i was and he became very violent towards me. I retracted back into my shell a bit and was frightened to leave him. I managed to break free 2 years later when i went on holiday with the school for 2 weeks. The break helped me realize how strong i was and that i knew i had the strength to break up with him when i got back. From this i became even stronger and i learned how to stick up for myself. I grew up so quickly in my teenage years because of these 2 horrible disgusting individuals. But if it wasnt for them i wouldnt be who i am today. Since then i've had some good relationships and friendships, people who have taught me how to laugh and have fun again. People who have taught me it's ok to be immature sometimes and be a kid again. Experiences set you up for life and make you who you are. I know i have so much more to learn off people i haven't even met yet. No regrets.

SammyCymru SammyCymru
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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

That's a very good attitude to live your life that way ;) This way you'll be happier than most people ;)<br />
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Good luck and i wish you the best, hope more and more good people will come into your life!<br />
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