Yes people do come into our lives for sometimes a day a week a month a year. This does not last forever. What the plan is we may never know.

While they are here we need to make the best of there company...

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Thanks Sophie...

Thank you Jenny and all so true......

I guess you're right. I'm a little late apparently for this story, but it relates to how I've been feeling about some ep friends who've disappeared. I just like to hold onto my friends. I value them and want them in my life. So, I don't want to accept that they leave, CJ. *putting fingers in ears"

NANAJAN I believe we are also. Thanks for commenting..

I agree totally! We are all here for each other in some way... lets make the best of it!

Yes Pixelita I would love that......hehehehe

Ohhhhhh! I want to stalk you too! Can you handle two stalkers CJ? hehehehe!!! *wink*

You are very welcome my gal pal Bella.......hehehe

Thanks for sharing your comment.......

*thinks* While people do have chances to come into our lives, its us who in the end - decides rather they do or do not. <br />
<br />
Your positive twist on people makes me think about changing how I perceive/"accept" others. *chuckles* its funny how one statement can influence someone.

Why thank you my dear.....Very kind.

TW thanks I am very happy that I could help you.. hugggs.

You came into my life when I was at my lowest point and helped me be grateful for what life has given me...and also helped me to smile again :)

LOL I need to be stalked..wooohooo.