Each One Leaves Something Different

There are those who touch your being so gently, that on the sand of your life, the only footprints to be seen are your own.

Others trample and stomp so hard, they leave crushed deep footprints, and sand strewn everywhere, and all you can do is wait helplessly for the ocean of time to come and wash them away.

Then there are those who leave a lasting print, so that when you turn around to survey your journey, there beside your own footprints are someones elses prints right alongside them.

For every mark left, your life has been touched for better or worse.  I am grateful for all of them as each one brought something important.  I am most grateful for the ones I can look back on and smile about, their names and faces may have long faded but not their footprints right there along side mine.

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21 Responses Jul 30, 2009

Everyone who comes into your life has something to share or offer. Its when everything turns negitive its time to run. Look for the positive!

Well said :)

ty I will keep this image always

So beautiful and insightful. You have a way with words, not to mention how you put the feeling and thought together is poetry . Thank you, your words are not only beautiful but uplifting and inspirational.


Excellent LillyLou, you definitely have an extraordinary talent for painting wonderful pictures with words. Kudos x

Lovely we are all each the directors of our journey! life is a lesson.magical process..may many beautiful flowers few weeds we remove..beautiful flowers bloom in ur world always~xox

This story is like a scented breeze <br />
<br />
It is somehow unforgettable

Ditto Jimmy. I think I will.

You say this so well. It should be fr<x>amed.

Very nice, I like where your head is at.

Oh Lilly this is so beautiful. I think one day when I look back along the footprints of my life, i'll see a couple of yours there next to mine.

That's a beautiful description as well as a good point. We don't always know why a person is or has been in our life.

Lilly, You have such a way with words. This is very beautifully written. This story truly is beautiful and so true. I also agree that people come into our lives for a reason and that everyone leaves something different, according to our need at the time and according to what they have inside to give. Thank you for sharing this.

That's one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. The story of life..........visually.............. just beautiful. I copied it to print for myself. I hope that is ok.


Wow. This has certainly left a lasting mark in the sands of my life.<br />
<br />
Thank you. Truly.

i fell you

i am very impressed!

This is just so beautifully written......I'm speechless.<br />
A rare thing-lol

Lillylou this is such a lovely way to describe the effect people have upon us. Thank you for sharing this post.