Not People Only

The unexpected is always there. 

It can be pleasant or depressing.  There's nothing much we can do about it but to accept, whatever happens to us. 

Strange enough, how surprising the events may be, very soon they weave into the fabric of our lives, blend with the colors that are there already, and become part of our personal history.

We don't choose our parents and they don't choose the person we are. 

We don't choose our relatives.  We have no say in where and when we're born.  It's accidental but it determines how our life is going to be.  The same is true for the people that cross our path.  

It is possible off course to reduce everything to the whims of fate and coincidence.  But even if we do so, we have to deal with those accidents and inadvertently we make sense of them.  Even if we're convinced that all is meaningless, we still continue to make sense.

There's no other way. 

Every event of some importance, every person we meet, is a challenge.  Life is a game of chances and choices. 

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that's most flattering...

ur welcome... your story seems like MY views in words :)

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sooooooooo true! very very true...