Some People Have Come Into My Life For Specific Reasons.

As individuals we can look at our lives and those we have met all through our past; which can be many or few depending on our age and own person. What are your thoughts on remembrances of people all the way back to grade school? Then the teen years of friends followed by the adult life that had has led many of us close to or beyond the half century mark? Cross paths with any specific people for specific reasons? We are all here for a purpose; some just to live and die; and others to be used by God in preparation for His kingdom to come that shall be eternal. Some people we meet can be angels unaware, whereas in my own situation I look at all through my life as an education just as I look at all men of God though history. In this life of people with the good, the bad and the ugly including the difficulties of finding true friends with trust as your roots of friendship can be something very rare. My own education from people in life is that for most all there is a mask they hide behind with kind words, big smiles and likable personalities; when in actual truth their hearts are very cold and empty if any genuine care via actions was ever something required. My education of meeting many people in person or the Internet has indeed been for a purpose directed by God. I am 54 and in life past was once very well off and worth about a half million liquid. Because the majority of my funds came from a settlement that took a piece of my brain from a head injury, I did not always think to clearly. So I gave, helped others, gave more, gave to church building funds, bought groceries for hungry families and in truth just did and helped in more ways than I will even attempt to write. To make a long story short as possible I became very broke and left the USA on a one way ticket to the Philippines over 3 years ago with absolutely no income. I then met Mylene who was 18 years younger, filled with faith, and was a gift from God to help sustain me through these past three years. We have lived on fish and rice with veggies since we met, and very often purchased on word of mouth credit. A rental home with bad leaks in the roof to where a light goes on and off by itself. Yet she never complains. She is a school teacher of 1st grade that supplies about $80 per month for us to live on. The US Embassy never helped me when all I wanted was to get back to America for a short construction job as a welder. The money was a pay back deal because they would take your passport. Because of them I now owe the Philippine Bureau of Immigration over 70,000 peso [$1400] because August 2007 was the last time I could pay it and it goes up each month, yet its my least concern; so don’t take me wrong like 99% always do because I am here to tell a story and not ask for anything. I also had put in over 700 individual job requests through KBR to get back into Iraq or Afghanistan. There have been countless attempts on my part for gain but to no avail. During these past three years I have written to churches, brethren, pastors, ministers, websites, hundreds of posts, blogs and just many multi thousands of words about truth and our hearts that God sees, love, care for others and just anything to do with being a good human being which is God’s character.The story about my story of other people is that God did put some people in place just for my survival. Last year we were sent a box with clothes, ties, shoes, flashlight and other needed items. Then in March Mylene had to go into the hospital with UTI. Here in the Philippines you must pay before you leave, and we had nothing. Well a man through aidpage sent $350 via western union which was about 14,000 peso that paid the hospital, doctor, medications, got us food and paid our rent. Another no accident was when I did something for my uncle in his 80’s that I had not seen much of for 30 years, and because I got him back into communication with his son who had been out of touch for 5 years. . .by God’s grace he has sent little bits here and there that have bailed us from the gutters of life many times.So now Mylene is borrowing so we can buy a 25’x 40’ lot to build our own bamboo shanty or Gilligan’s island hut on because we can’t afford our rent that was just rasied to $50 per month. So the meaning of this story is that many times from childhood from what should have been very successful suicide attempts to injuries, God kept me alive through angels and people. With all that has happened while living a life of no life beyond survival, a used computer, 3 pairs of one dollars glasses with a magnifying glass to see, no printer and being in the same square mile for 3 years with most being in the same four walls with faith in God and hopes in good brethren. . . . .I have found none. Christians speak of love, salvation, born again and all the words of kindness, when in very pure truth that God has clearly shown me through three years of the gutters of life is that their hearts are very cold. What preachers don’t teach is what God says about lack of love because it will cause all without the love of Christ to have no entrance to the tree of life. Christ left a new commandment in John 13:34. We are to love each other as He loved us. In 1 Corinthians 13:2, Paul makes clear the value of that love. And in Revelation 22:14 the word says;Blessed are they who do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life.But today’s loving religious people don’t keep the commandment; therefore don’t show any love because their lips say one thing, but their hearts say another that God sees clearly. Hebrews 4:12-13
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61-65, M
Feb 9, 2010