Sad Thing

This group only reminds me of the very disappointment that made me join the group to begin with. I joined this group originally because i met this girl at school who was my absolute dream girl. She was smart, funny, good looking, drug free and almost everything that anyone could ever ask for in a girl. I believed that this girl was brought into my life for a reason. My respect and love for this girl deminished in a matter of 5 minutes when she told me that she had tried shrooms and acid. My world was shattered.  Its really sad for me to know that she has become a drug user. Don't get me wrong though. Its hard to explain but i'll try. I don't mind if my friends use drugs, its there life and they can do what they want, but for some reason i can't care deeply for someone who does. Not in a romantic way anyways. Its cool if she just wanted to try it once and never again but i've heard her talking about using again. I'm just not down for that. I may be wrong in judging her for it and i'm willing to accept that. But thats as far as i'll go because as far as i'm concerned she is no longer my dream girl

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I hear that. It sucks to lose someone you care for to drugs.