You Are Not Depressed Because You Are A Bad Person!

i just listened to a one hour lecture by robert sapolsky which made me feel less isolated and misunderstood with the depression that i deal with. i still believe a lot is not understood,but i like how he emphasizes that when you have a major depressive illness that you can't just snap out of it. that there are a lot of factors contributing to it and that it's complicated. i had never heard the term 'psycho motor retardation' and i think that happens to a lot of people,not all,but many,who have depression. that is why it's not because i'm stupid or lazy that it is so damn hard to do the dishes,or just get out of bed or off the couch.i have blamed myself in so many ways for what i have suffered all my life,which just makes the suffering all that much worse. if this info can help someone take the blame layer off of that suffering,it might be helpful. it is a long lecture and rather dull at times,so i listened to it on youtube while playing bejeweled. but the bottom line are not a BAD person because you are depressed...even if your depressed brain tells you that.

edit update: thank you to ep'er feasibility study for posting it in the first place. much appreciated!
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If you have a splinter in your finger ... are you a bad person? NO.<br />
Depression is as mechanical as a splinter, and just as painful.<br />
<br />
Simple depression is due to emotion - to circumstance - and lifts after a while.<br />
Clinical depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. it can hang around a long time.<br />
the good news. a doctor can treat it. <br />
you can be "Cured". you can learn to manage this disease like you manage a splinter in your finger.<br />
Take Heart. it can get better

I thnk thats true and vry logic....kandjii

You are absolutely right.<br />
Not only that but in my experience when we are depressed we tend to ignore good thing and forcus on the bad. This can make us only see bad things about yourself.<br />
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The worst thing is being close to people that won't accept your depression, not only do you need to fight your feeling of being bad but they will often call you lazy etc as well.

Hi deeaqua,well written and thought out depression is an illness that has many contributing factors,also underlying factors to complecate things,a lot of people who have depression are high fliers who hit a bad spot so please anyone whose having trouble doing things even getting out of bed think your not a good person because you are you need medication and some one to talk to and someone who will listen to you.

mental illness <br />
i describe my bipolar as a mental awarness

thanks for all the comments and glad you liked the post. i do agree that brain chemicals can be changed by positive thinking type things and different kinds of cognitive therapy or just different ways of helping your brain,such as nlp. it can be a lot of work,but it is good if you can do some. some people really like david burns' book 'feeling good'. i don't myself,i find it too boring. i have learned cognitive techniques from a therapist. for this reason,i think therapy is really important along with or instead of meds to help change the chemicals permanently. i suffer pretty badly,but i think i would probably be dead if i hadn't learned some cognitive therapy techniques,since meds don't work for me. take care,all.

Thank you for this post.<br />
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I am generally full of energy yet when I'm depressed I definitely get 'psycho motor retardation'. I know exactly what this means. My mind seemed to be slow. I was sleepy and I would even slur my words like if I had just been woken from a deep slumber. I would be clumsy and forget things. It would feel like lifting a glass of water was so heavy and too much work. It would take me so long to get anything done!!! I would get winded from doing very simple tasks. At one point, I even went to the doctor thinking there was something seriously wrong with me. My blood work was fine. I always thought depression was a mood but it is so much more.

Great post, deeaqua! <br />
<br />
It is so easy for depressive brains to slip into self-critical patterns, and a very difficult habit to break. People like Dr Sapolski give us hope when they point out the neurological and neurochemical ba<x>ses for depression, because we understand that chemical imbalances can potentially be corrected through medication. <br />
<br />
I believe it is also possible for the brain to change its own chemistry -to correct its own imbalances- by the power of positive thought. My all-time favourite piece of mental health advice came from a 15 year old friend, who told me: 'Go to sleep with a smile.' When you are feeling tired, your brain is open to hypnotic suggestion -including self-hypnosis, so it is a good time to give yourself positive messages, and your mind has all night to work on feeling good about yourself. <br />
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Thank You again for posting this positive piece.

deeaqua,<br />
yes, that is absolutely true. good post!

robert,i don't know if you have the psycho motor stuff as i and some others do (i think depression manifests differently for mom and sister,like you,keep extra busy to avoid whereas i don't have the energy that way) but i once tried to explain it to my mom this way,and i think i need to do this with my therapist,who frankly said she doesn't understand why it is so hard to do things and was trying to understand...if you had a broken arm,you would not be too motivated to do something with that arm that would make it hurts worse,and that is what happens with me when i have to force myself to do things i don't like while already feeling bad. <br />
i don't understand how the 'keeping busy' works for depression because so many things make me feel i said,i think depression manifests differently for people. so i try to do useless things like play bejeweled or even watch tv and eat and sleep to feel better. thanks for your comments and as always,you're support. d.

Thank You Miss Deeaqua and you hit the nail on the head, I am not a bad person because I have depression and in fact in some way's it made me a better human being. I did nothing to get it, it just chose me. If I didnot feel like doing somthing due to cancer people would understand. Depression is no different, it is also an ILLNESS. People just dont take the time to educate themselve's on mental ILLNESS unless it hit's them. Thank You for sharing this. My Best