I have some mental illness...no psychiatrist can agree on WHAT I have...for awhile I was bipolar, either type II or type I, have your pick...for some reason bipolar disorder has become very trendy...lots of celebrities have it. People say things like "you're moody...take a prozac!" Well, I have with no results. And I cycle so many times a day I can't keep count. My mother feels the stigma. Why SHE should feel the stigma for my illness is still a mystery, but my mother won't talk about it. My partner doesn't even think I have a mental illness - which makes me ponder what she was thinking I was doing for 20 years, seeing a psychiatrist once a month and taking all kinds of medications...anyways...the us is passing some law over gun control and the issue is not gun control. The issue is mental illness. I'm an epilpetic but I've never walked for epilpsy...walking doesn't cure the illness. Breast cancer walks? Please...This problem is like aids, only much, much older...
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

You're right in the sense that something is wrong, if someone has diagnosed you with one thing have them tell you the symptoms they base it on. Have a previously made list by you and check off their reasons and then ask them about the ones on your list that aren't checked off.

If you are worried about Bi-Polar, check out National Bi-Polar Foundation. Thanks