People And Money

I would love to live in a world where kindness to others and one's self would be enough.however we live in a world full of money.whats in your wallet does matter to most people now.or at least it matters on how you as a person are judge up front.instead of whats inside you.whatever happened to helping thy neighbor,one person is just as equally as the next? no it's all about fashion and houses and cars and who has what.just because someone does'nt have on brand name items does not make that person any less in value.i believe it's how you go about life's path excepting what you have to work with.taking time to lend a helping hand,be it with a smile or just an open ear.the world needs to stop rushing and putting everything and every person in category.even the most riches people have empty souls.they fill their lives with stuff never stopping to see it's feelings and people they should be filling their lives up with.judge your neighbor on the bus,at work,in a store not buy their wallets but by saying hi,reaching out,listing with open heart. we as a nation have a need to look at people from their outer shell instead of the inner shell. so yes i agree people should be judged by their hearts, not wallets. 

bearrock bearrock
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

If they judge me by my wallet, I will come out on the poor end of it. Ha! Get it?

Who cares what the superficial think? long as we have people with hearts, spirits and insights like yours- they certainly don't matter!<br />
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