It Doesn't Matter What You Read

Reading is so amazing. It's incredible how much you learn, even just reading trashy fiction. I've certainly learned more from novels then I ever did from my public school education. Kids would probably be a lot smarter if we just locked them into cubicles with a library catalogue and set them to reading whatever they wanted.

Reading what someone else has written... seeing what they saw, experiencing what they experienced, felt... is the closest to really seeing another person's mind, I think. As a result, you learn more about how other people might think and see differently then you. The decline of reading is the decline of open-mindedness, of being able to think and see from different perspectives.

I don't care if they're reading Twilight. I don't care if they're reading A Tale of Two Cities or A Tale of Two Vikings. Whatever you read, just read, read, read!
Lasciel Lasciel
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010