I Used To Be Shallow

My friend cursed me. She told me when I was searching for a boyfriend that I was paying too much attention to the supermodel looking guys and not looking deep enough or giving the okay looking guys a chance. I told her she was nuts, that physical attraction was important. I met my current boyfriend online. We hit it off and talked for a few weeks before we met. He looks pretty handsome on web cam. When I met him, it was a different story. He is slightly cross eyed and wears glasses. Also, you can't tell on cam, but he has crooked teeth. His parents could never afford to pay for braces. I was disappointed when we met. However, I still wanted to be with him. I had so much fun with him. All of that initial stuff when we first met just faded away. Now I don't even see the slight cross in his eyes or his crooked teeth. He looks like a model to me. It's like I only see the good. It's weird, because I have always been hung up on looks. I am happy I got over how shallow I was. I'm happy my friend cursed me, because my boyfriend is cute to me and that is all that matters. Looking good is great, but if there's not a solid foundation, then what is the point really?
Starbukkslady Starbukkslady
41-45, F
Jan 17, 2013