Pleasure At Work

I work in a clothing shop, we sell men and women's clothing. This morning right after I opened up a man came in and started browsing. He picked up a couple of pairs of jeans, a t-shirt and a skirt which he tried to hide between the jeans! I let him into the change room. After a couple of minutes I knocked on the door and asked if he needed any help .... and was the skirt a good fit! I heard a gasp and then he opened the door, he was standing there looking absolutely beautiful in the skirt and t-shirt .... the bulge of his package was nicely visible too. I leaned forward and smoothed the skirt over the bulge, taking my time, feeling it grow under my palm. He moaned as I stepped into the cubicle and kissed him as I continued to rub my hands over his hard **** ... suddenly, without any warning he gasped "I'm *******" and shot a load after load into the skirt, his knees buckling under him. When he was done I pushed him down, lifted my skirt and told him he owed me ...... it wasn't long before I had an ****** to match his.
He bought the skirt!
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7 Responses May 14, 2012

Wow that is hot!

Hot story, girl! Makes me horny. Thanks for sharing! :)<br />
I would like to buy a skirt in your clothing shop...

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Ur stories make a great reading hun...

I had sent a private message, did u get?

in the mail

I mean message on 7th June.

Now yours is a shop that I could quite happily see myself frequenting at least once a day lol

Wow you are one hot woman. I made a mess in my plastic panties thinking of you catching me in a vinyl skirt ! That would be a little easier to lick clean. Lol. B B

I should remember to shop where you work more often. Even if I am not one for trying on women's clothes :)

Oh I have done that hon, I have. :)