It seems so fleeting and unreal
But it’s how I really feel
Am not here to ignite the fire
Or be an object of wanton desire

Would you like to see
the moon and the star in broad daylight?
would you like to end the things we have
Every day and every night?

 Like silhouette of shadows dancing in anonymity
A facade of friendship might grow as far as eternity
Do we really have to uncover  genuine identity
To see what lies beneath in stark reality?

A craving lull,so  unique and sentimental
Words that somehow sooth and enthrall
Appaling thoughts  were so  mystical
Unguarded moments seem so magical...
 Love in all its existence is ethereal

A love beyond any worldly thing...
Like a song with a mysterious hymn
More than a phrase or any  rhyme
A love labored through the sands of time...
Hard to grasp or  either chase
Beautifully crafted in a heavenly place.

If there's such thing as ethereal love, I hope it does really exist!

4BlackForest 4BlackForest
36-40, F
5 Responses Jul 9, 2010's an unconditional love, pure, clean and free of any obscenity.

Beautifully written BF. I hope it exists as well.

you're so young yet absolutely very deep and profound...I wonder what makes you being the way you are now...thanks for all the nice thoughts incorporated in your comment. You are frank and brutally honest and that makes you very unique in your own ways and I love you for being so. made me laugh..not at're free to read anything I posted here @ EP..It's anyway taken care of to be wholesome, isn't it?

You've captured the beauty of ethereal love in rhyme and verse so elegantly and poetically. Friends who are able to share this level of love are blessed. You are a very special friend indeed.