Filling My Pants Big Time

well have been looking forwords to doing this all day and now my mumm and dad are out i get the chance. i started of by eating all the right foods for pooing myself. i then sat and watched tv and waited. it wasnt long till i needed, i pushed a little then stopped and let it come out its self from there. i sh it loads. it was runny too. i rolled about in it and sat on it loads it felt great. i didnt clean up for ages and by the time i did it was running down my legs. i had a shower and bath. ahhh. please comment

dude1223 dude1223
18-21, F
5 Responses Apr 4, 2010

wow that sounds cool will do that my self soon haw was it tb

I liked that you stayed in it for a long time. That's what I do but I use nappies. I just love doing it. Plus I like to please my self sexually while in my dirty nappy. How about you?

Nice experience! I love that =D

omfg babe u turned me on a lot. mmm, we should meet up if possible hehe. contact me on yahoo.<br /> and tell me the stuff to eat so i can crap like u did ^^

Sounds like you had a really great time, I love it when i have one that comes out its self like yours did. Great story, thanks for sharing with us.