Staying Happy???

    My darling, and long time husband, a/k/a best friend, a/k/a confidante, has always let me know very innocently his desire to see me with another woman. I am just not, or has never been into being with another woman. I've told him forever that I was sorry, but I just didn't have that gene. I just like men. I love women too, but just not sexually in my soul.
    Just the way I was raised, I guess. Even with the enjoyable openness to finding extremely exciting ways my husband and I have found over the course of our relationship to keep everyday enjoyable. (Mutually).  
     We've always been cool, and up to date with the times. We've done a lot of things that our families would probably all agree, "we need help", , or, "they must be on drugs". neither of which is true. We like to keep things interesting, and more importantly fun. We've raised 2 fantastic kids, and we're still young and, if I may say so, look pretty good. My husband is unbelievably handsome, one of the finest "gentleman" I've ever met next to my Father, and works hard and plays hard. A true needle in a haystack. If you ever read his accounts of our....ummm.....situations, then you'll see we sincerely fit together. 
    Even through the bumps that every relationship has, we always come away walking 3 feet off the ground. After our last few episodes where I did things I would never believe I'd EVER able to do in good conscience, I sincerely did a lot of soul searching. After pondering my thoughts, I would sit and tell my husband my thoughts and feelings. He would tell me how he feels and then we know the others thoughts. If you lose that ability to say how you feel and what you're thinking, you're done. We've both seen most friends from childhood get divorced for resentment. If you don't say how you feel, and do it again, and again because you don't think you're going to like the response....that's a problem. We have all seen it..., The old cliche, "He, or She, doesn't listen". Your "partner" is not a mind reader. We all think we should know each other, Forget it!!!  Feelings change daily, Don't take ANYTHING for granted. If you truly love the person you're with...Communicate!!  Shut the t.v., radio, "computer" off.  OUCH, I know that might hurt, but for 30-60 minutes. Grab a glass of wine, beer, and no matter how good or bad the conversation, or message you're relaying is, get it out. It's amazing what you'll find out about someone you think you know. 
    I'm saying this from experience. I know my husband like the back of my hand, or so I thought. We are amazed everyday when we look at each other saying..."Really?? I didn't know you felt like that."  It's amazing what stupid little things you never knew. Those little things, in most cases, snowball in huge meltdowns. At that point, it's like putting a band-aid on a mortal wound.
    I really had another story, but my mind went this way.

Hope I didn't bore you.
For those that needed a picture...
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So very true... Communicate, communicate , communicate is the key.<br />
Eventhou me and my gf weren't married yet, but we do have time to get to know things that each other might not have noticed and know.<br />
Things may change over time as we know but we often communicate to satisfied each other needs and understand more of the changes so we can take things further.

I am SO glad that some people actually read this stuff.
It's really why we should be here in the first place. I get so many requests to "please add me", yet they haven't read a story.
Thanks for being the real reason, I think, we're all here.

Haha, honestly i've finish most stories &amp; thought i'll read some of your less erotic story to take a rest from raging hard on and soreness.
What a surprise when there were this picture and sentence saying " for those needed a picture"
gosh!!! That sends me back in bed going at it with her again.