Thanxs Dad..

Probably i shouldnt write dad..but i dont care.Thank u dad(for those who dont know hes my Ep dad)for everything.

You are a wonderful person,more than wonderful.The others cant understand what it means to me,i think..I ve learned a lot from you..You said u are proud of me..well i m proud when i say i m ur daughter too.I m happy for knowing about Coley and Matti..I m glad i feel u are family..I m glad to know also Love,shes sister too and i met her coz of u.

Thank u for the time u helped me study for my test,thank u for listening and understaning,thank you for being u.You are a wonderful person and i m glad i know u.

Many hugs dad*

annasangels annasangels
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he is..

Great story Angel... I ahve meet him just a few days ago and i can feel his warm heart and nice soul... he is a bright and shiny soul. Im glad i met him here on EP...<br />
Peace, love and light,<br />

many hugs dad :)

wow - thx Angel I am very proud to say your my EP daughter!<br />
<br />
It has been a joy getting to know you Angel - I truly am blessed to have you and love as my EP family. I think that you are wonderful too!<br />
<br />
((((GREAT BIG DADDY HUGS))))<br />
I probably should not say I love you Angel - but I don't care either! Those that don't understand - just don't know much you and your "sister" truly mean to me.