This Is About As Far As My Knowledge On Us Politics Goes

She's got to have something going for her, right?

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Haha Im sure you would

I'd hit it too!<br />
<br />
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Really?<br />
<br />
She looks like.....I dunno, I could hit her

i love that woman, i get excited just looking at her. lol

Hehe who knows?!

Cakes were do you get the thoughts for these storys LOL

Punch low and to the rear.............her a$$ is on her shoulders

She looks like I would punch her in the face if I ever met her

Don't forget, she's a pitbull with lipstick.<br />

A freaking abrasive annoying voice that spouted idiocy.

It just goes to show many of the voters for McCain/Palin were just a bunch of nearsighted horny guys with no taste............. oh..... they must have been deaf as well............ what a freaking abrasive annoying voice

She's got big hooters, or maybe that avatar's been photoshop'd...hehehe! ;-)

Hey! Just take your turn, and let your buddies take theirs. She'd be just fine for that.

empty-headed wannabes.... oh please. I agree with Elfie... BARF

I don't find that Bit@h at all me her A$$ and I will show you some vomit headed its way

You say that like it's a bad thing, Saratoga...

Actually, I have never seen what some dudes find attractive in her... to me she's just an empty headed, sex-pot wannabe....


I wonder if she squeals "You betcha'!" when you spank her ***?

Haha Carrie!

Hey! I like that in a woman!

She has her foot in her mouth so much its hard to see if she does or doesn't. You probably would have to pay her fee to find out.

I meant a mouth spreader...nothing gynae related! <br />
<br />
<br />
Cold can be sexy, if you want sexy with her...she looks like a malfunctioned blow up doll

I don't think so, she can do without

I can see that. A ball gag would work just fine, or how about a spreader?

As long as you can put something in her mouth to keep her from speaking, she is a good looking woman!

Ooo you reckon?

Ball gagged and tied to a table she'd be just fine!

I don't think I have either, she doesn't make it on our news much