Iknow Dat Is A Hott Ase

Miz Paylin wants ta be our prezadent.  I am all 4 dat.  She be da far sittedest woman I eber knowed.  I dint really know her, but I seed her in da paper oncet.  She say she sees Mr Wootenpootentooten, prezadent of Russa flyin in da helio coptor from she front pourch.  Dem be goood eies.

 She hab nice *******.  She be smartor dan she husbend.  She want lead us to land of milk and honny.  I knows where da milk come from.  But where da honny?  I be her honny.  She hab nice *******.

                                  :P                                                                                                                                                               ;)

mewold mewold
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22 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Grannym, yu be loken purty prukie yuself.

I be agrein, grannym. Dat wa, iff she be jaken wif us, at lest we be loooken at nice *******.

Emerald, purkies am be lik treee wings, but difrent. Wif treees, da mo wings yu has, da mo age yu has. But wif *******, da mo purkies yu has, da les age yu has. See? It be as clare as da nose on yu profile. lol

i'm feeling very perky emerald. lol

Life Ob Leisre!! ROFLMAO! <br />
WHY are all the stories from the guys in here going from A$$ to boobs??? It's about her butt, man! Ya'll got yer eyes stuck high on the perkies! What up wid dat???

She rites? What she say? She be talken bout seein helio coptors frum Russa agin? I be lookin fo dose sukers.

nice ******* with a great ***, and she can write too. :)

Hey, annabelle23, we be gitten chain goin! Seh et yu pusy am I be doin sumpon on otter end.

pixe, U2? I not be knoin U spek LOL.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Wow. LOL mean alot! I thot it be menin life ob lesur.

lol you're so intelligent, Mrs. Palin.

gogmen91, wht lol be menin?

lol very nice, mewold.

LV, thank yu fo yu be liken my post. I be usin da grammor speler.

LOL! great post

Nah, I dist be ..........hey, whot da heke be wong wid I be spellin? Don't you kno Englsh whn yo seed dat?

I like that lady too and while I'm not eligible to vote in the US of A, I would love to see her become president!<br />
Now... what's wrong with your spelling my friend?? Had a couple of beers too many..lol??

Dat be good, Sara. We work togedder an git dose leps vibratten an da lags shaken!

Im down wit wat u sayhing here, me-woodld... luv dat ladies booties and tooties....bet i cud get her honeyey flooing!

Otay, PT, tanks for da vot ob confipense.

WTH you say mewold. lol but i agree with you.