Is This A Re-touched Photo?

I have always thought she looked entirely too good to be taken seriously by the press.  But this photo looks like she has had her boobs done.  Could someone please enlighten me.

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where's the photo?

I totally agree about Fran Drescher. She's hot! And I had the pleasure of meeting her once - she's also a very nice person. And the voice is really real!

And Fran Drescher is more sexy as well.<br />
Some of her dresses was hot.<br />
thats the only reason why I watched the nanny is to see her fashions, legs and heels.<br />
oh and that voice. ewww.

It's photoshopped. Too bad they can't do something like ummm soundbooth with her annoying voice. I'd rather listen to Fran Drescher

Okay, nobody has come forward and said it's true. And Sarah says it's a false rumor. But there are some amazing photos taking their trip around the web that compare her pictures (taken at various events by the press). On the Jezebel site there are three pictures next to each other: two show that she has practically nothing in the breast department and a very thin waist; and one shows her looking very filled out and sexy. Now, there is always the possibility that she has just gained some weight and that's where it went. And I wouldn't be at all surprised at them using that explanation. But I think it's much more plausible that someone in the campaign camp gave her the suggestion that she might be more attractive with implants. And being attractive is a good part of her appeal, isn't it?