As Were Bush And Reagan.

The Republican Party is not a party of ideas. It's about perpetuating a false narrative that serves a tiny elite. 

As their pollster Frank  Luntz said, "We don't have to be compassionate, we just have to use the language of compassion."

Everybody gets their talking points and stays on message. Reagan had altzhheimer's for the better part of his second term.

It may even have kicked in sooner. But the messaging machine managed to overcome that by keeping him on a tight leash.

It you watch Capitalism; A LOVE STORY.. you will see a scene with Reagan being hurried into finishing a speech by an aide.

(Someone who worked for Goldman Sachs).. It's kinda sad, Reagan dissembles for a moment and the guy leans forward and not

so subtly says to Reagan, "Okay, wrap it up now."

Then who can forget George Bush at a presidential debate with a huge bulge in the back of his jacket. 

He was wearing an earpiece. A clear condition of Bush's participation, set down by the GOP, was that he would not be filmed from behind. 

Yup, Turdblossom, was indeed the architect and Bush was a disciplined mouthpiece.

Though I will say this, and I am guessing, I think Bush made the decision to use the surge strategy without any of his aides. 

I think towards the end, he got really pissed off with Cheney, which is why he refused to pardon Scooter Libby. 

He wasn't going to be Cheney's *****. 

Towards the end of his term, Bush vehemently opposed the first TARP program and he was basically railroaded by Hank Paulson and

the GOP machine. Read about it in the book written by Bush's speech writer. It's titled "Speechless." The guy was so disgusted by the administrations 

failure to stick to its principles that he quit and wrote his story. 

Back to Palin. She's a whack job and a viper. She's not going to be easily controlled and she's got the measure of the GOP.

I look forward to the battle. If she gets out of hand, theyll bring in Turdblossom again and he'll finish her off.

This could get interesting. 



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Good piont, Eve. I will add, "in that aspect".

Fascade, are you really holding yourself up as an example of "normal?"

Entertaining perspective.<br />
<br />
That's all it can be really, for us normal folks. Entertainment.


Who is turdblossom? Karl Rove?