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A Palin Presidency would endanger the entire planet, not just the US. She would be dangerous for many reasons -her down-home, folksy ignorance, her woeful lack of experience, her appallingly out of date right-wing policy agenda.

The most important reason to fear her presidency is that the world would turn its back on the US and laugh behind its hand. The last US President shredded the country's credibility and the current one is trying to stitch it back together. If US citizens elected Sierra Peelin in 2012, the world would shout, in the best tradition of tennis brat John McEnroe: YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

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If Palin ran for a full Presidential campaign, where would she write all the notes? Two hours in would cover both hands and then she would have to explore new territory. I mean this could end up as full cover body art!!! Has to shave head for more notes as the primaries kick off. <br />
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Palin then captures the biker, goth, heavy metal, ex con vote and lands in the White House with a left wing, anti war, rehabilitation, free the people vote.......Drugs legalised, hogs compulsory. This could work people.

"Small minds with loud voices" -excellent turn of phrase, Tzech! Hopefully, under the pressure of a Presidential campaign, Palin would crack like the nutcase she is and Obama would make a clean sweep of all the States, with huge margins. Surely the Repugs are not as silly as their behaviour makes them seem? They could be wiped out for a generation if they seriously propose her as the best candidate their party can offer.

Actually if she ran it would force the country to once and for all choose whether to be stupid and embrace the uneducated or turn it's back on the small minds with the loud voices.

Moss, you don't know how much that number reassures me! Though almost a third *do* think she's qualified?<br />
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Thanks for those links.

Heeheehee. I haven't seen any pop ups, EH. See you over at Tina's place!

I'll join the Tina Fey club. Anyone else getting pop ups for "Palin in 2012?" I thought ep was trying to minimize obscene ads.

It's there! <br />
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At least people laugh at Tina Fey for the right reasons!

Moss, I am going to make a new group: "I Would Rather Vote For Tina Fey"<br />
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Join me?

Well said, Eve! I can well imagine Palin standing, hand on hip, and saying: "Get these wagons in a circle, Pilgrims."<br />
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When she was first drafted by John McCain's team it seemed so obvious that they had scoured the whole US for a photogenic female, trying to capitalise on disaffected Hilary Clinton supporters. The Republicans seriously underestimated the intelligence of US voters and how tired they had become, after eight years of Bush, of right-wing rule.

LOL Moss--it boggles the mind--I remember my response to when Reagan got elected---I couldn't believe it--ever since then--you called it, I've been living in the twilight zone. All I can think of is--they will soon come up with some new and shocking absurdity----it's totally surreal,

"Harmless little lady like Sarah Palin." That sort of says it all about her appeal to people, doesn't it? It sounds like a John Wayne character from the old west, hat tipping and all. <br />
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Harmless? Well, she lies and people believe her lies, and she will say just about anything to rouse further sentiment against our president. I would agree that she should be harmless but, unfortunately, there are people who believe her lies and take her seriously.

Thank You for your comment, nautiboater. You obviously read different newspapers and watch different media to me and others who have commented here.<br />
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We have different opinions, and it is unlikely that we will see eye to eye on many political issues. But I will not stoop to personal abuse.<br />
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I am not afraid of the "harmless little lady" from Wasilla. I am more afraid of the guy with his hand up her back,.<br />
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BTW, "midget" only has one 't'. And 'Biden' has another letter on the end... it is an 'n'.

you're a mental midgett. joe bide and nancy pelossi makes sarah palin look like a rocket scientist and i really don't think she's really planning on running for aniy office. she just wants to screw with idiots like you. i just don't understand why all you liberal idiots are so afraid of a harmless little lady like sarah palin. for god's sake man up !

Hey, Sarah reads newspapers! "All of 'em". I heard her tell Katie Couric that.

They can call me an"elite" anytime they want... I actually LIKE the fact that the President reads newspapers, can comment on the economy, the environment, foreign policy and science.

You are spot on, SG. But keep your opinion to yourself, or someone is bound to call you an 'elite'. <br />
It is a shameful thing when people are derided for being able to think.

Truly the most appalling thing is how some people actually think she is qualified. It is almost an ELEVATION of the INCREDIBLE STUPID and a denigration of intelligence, experience and ability.

Unfortunately, stevester, not having the money has never stopped them from waging wars in the past, and I don't think it will stop them in the future. The defence budget will not suffer from the recession or from the budget-trimming that Obama is forced to do, because if he tried to cut their budgets, the right-wingers would make such loud noises about his "threatening the security of the homeland" that half the population would be baying for Obama's blood.<br />
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The one attractive prospect in a Palin candidacy would be the presidential debates. Can you imagine seeing Obama and Airhead side by side in a TV studio somewhere? The contrast would be so stark that surely even the dimmest of US voters would become enlightened to the serious and deep-seated character flaws of the failed former Governor of Alaska.

In one way the massive depression is a good thing. The crazy right wingers in the states and their glove puppet politicians are just too dangerous. At least they might not have enough of a defence budget to go waging wars on everyone who does not kowtow to their idea of the world order.

I love the bit in back to the future where our hero tries to convince the guy in the store that he's form the future. The guys asks him, "well ok so who's the President in 1982"? the answer of course is "Ronald Reagan". he is promptly thrown out into the street. And I think that sums up anyone's sensible approach to a women who winks so much. I said WINK

"Sarah Palin's book is big, 400 pages. She wrote the book herself and agonized over every word, and so will you." --David Letterman

I have two staunch Republican young relatives.....They said, "Sarah Palin is an insult to our intelligence." They voted for Obama. If people will elect Ronald Reagan a "Bedtime for Bonzo" movie actor ---to be President of the United States---and Arnold Swartsenheger to be Governor of California---well, after Bush and Darth Vader completely destroyed any shred of respect that the world had for the U.S.----Maybe the Republicans will run Julia Roberts for Vice President---She's at least good looking and a pretty good Actress....Jerry Springer has really done a lot for showing the world what Americans are REALLY like...His guests should be right in the fore front with Pat Robertson and Russ Dumbo--out there campaigning for Sarah....OOOPS did I say "Darth Vader"?<br />
I meant "old shoot 'em in the foot-Cheney".

I would say, "YOU HAVE GOTTA BE CRAPPING ME..." instead.

Thank You for your comments. I am not familiar with all of the persons mentioned, and didn't see the Colbert piece, but will no doubt find it on the tubes.<br />
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Penguins, it was interesting to read your "grand wizards behind the curtain" comment, as I had been thinking of the way Bush was and Palin would be mere glove-puppets of the neo-cons. To the intellectual, moral and emotional bankruptcy of the GOP, you could add -and the fiscal bankruptcy of the US, given that the hard-won $200 billion surplus the Clinton administration bequeathed to Bush became an $8 trillion deficit as a result of his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.<br />
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I am not sure if US citizens realise what a huge sigh of relief swept the world with the election of Obama, and how your country was welcomed back to the human race after eight long years in the right-wing wilderness.<br />
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But the US population's Honeymoon with Obama ended very quickly when you woke up and realised you were not in a tropical resort with him after all, but in a sleazy motel by a railyard, and the motel was on fire. Obama now gets criticised for scorching the blankets as he tries to staunch the flames.<br />
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The only person who will ultimately benefit from a Palin candidacy -apart from Cheney's cronies- will be Tina Fey.

I was surprised by what he said. I think he was genuinely angry, too.

priceless is right.. A satirical triumph. <br />
Colbert usually has the ability to stay above it all.<br />
This time, I think it got personal. <br />
I think he was genuinely angry. <br />
I would like to think she's toast. But there's too much white money behind her.

I thought Steven Colbert's bit on her last night was priceless.

the woman is psychotic. You need to ask yourself and understand why she is useful to the GOP.<br />
The grand wizards behind the curtain need a front person.. They yearn for Reagan. A smooth front for an egregious agenda. <br />
Better still Reagan had altzheimers for most of his second term.Perfect for the pathetic fop GOP handlers. We tell him what to do and say and he does it on cue. He's an actor. Albeit a B movie star. The amnesia attack is like a bonus number on the lottery. <br />
<br />
Enter Palin. A super moron. But here's where it gets interesting. Reagan was somewhat savvy.<br />
This woman is ******* clueless. To quote Stephen Colbert, "She's a ******* retard."<br />
Unfortuntately people like her (glen beck, rush limbuagh) enjoy a weird intellectual currency.<br />
Here's the back story folks. <br />
The days of the white anglo-owners are over. This is a colored nation powered by blacks, hispanics and women. The GOP look at them and they are fucklng terrified, <br />
Bunch of white boys. Take a close look at Mitch McConnell. He looks like a wax model at Madam Tussauds. Take a close look at Eric Cantor, a jew who suck up to authority out of a deep survival instinct. republicans hate jews, but he knows his place. <br />
Take a look at John Boehne. *****? <br />
looks like a used car salesman.<br />
talks like one too<br />
I have never seen a group of people so intellectually, morally and emotionally bankrupt.