I have scars.. Up and down my arms and legs. Got them on my hips, and chest.

Because I grew up in a town full of white people. Some parents wouldn't let there kids hangout with me for my color, and others wanted to poke me because it was their first time seeing a black person.

Not only were kids like that, but adults as well. It was hard growing up because I was different. When I reached age 10, kids started bullying me.
Of coarse I told my grandparents ( live with them) by they didn't do anything but make it worse. When I turned 14 I was pushed into lockers, pushed down the stairs, ganged up on and beat on. My own best friend; since I was 2, turned on me to be with these girls..
YoungLovee15 YoungLovee15
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2014