I truly believe Sex is pretty much like Music. They have to take you from the terrestrial to the celestial . If they don't , they are just useless, senseless , crass activities. Both Music and Sex are forms of art. They are not just some activities. You need to lose yourself in both to be able to go to a celestial space. They truly have to take you out of this world.

Take for example Indian classical music. The basic elements of Indian classical music are Shruti (the relative musical pitch), Swara (the musical sound of a single note), Raga (the mode), and tala (the rhythmic cycles). If all these elements are in perfect sync, the music takes you to a celestial space.

Similarly, in love making all of the 5 human senses along with the unseen chemistry and experience have to be in perfect sync to be able to take your partner/s to a celestial space.
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My wife started out solo, then duo, then a trio and now loves the orchestra, musically speaking. different guys from different races are her instruments.