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Another Poem About My Rape:(

i took the shaky weapon
and i shot me in the head
it musta took some courage
to wind up somewhat dead

you see events transpired
that i took very badly
didnt take too long to sadly
wildly shag me

you saw french-kissing *****
wanting to lick your wanton stick
you felt my tightness glisten
and you thrust it in so thick

and as it slurped and kissed you
you thought, "this is the ****"
what you forgot was, Satan,
that i told you to quit

and i said no
and i said stop
and i said please
and you said ROT

i obeyed
in your vigor
i went rigor

i had already died

you raped, pillaged me
and opened me up wide
i bled and bled
while you pushed inside

my body was a temple
where you used to pray
now i see it simple,
as plain as it were day

there are those with clumsy *****
who seem to hungrily
want to bite every apple
from every forbidden tree

i told you i was off-limits
but at my temple you stayed
as i went cold,
you mutteringly preyed

you necrophiliac.
you murderer.
you rapist.
you killer of me.

you chopped down
my only lovely tree

foldedunfolding foldedunfolding 31-35, F 4 Responses Dec 8, 2012

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Oh wow. My soul vagina feels pain

This is heartwrenching.

thank you for reading :( love you bunches.

OMG...Wonderfully written, yet a very sad event. No one should ever have to endure that. Unfortunately there are many wild animals out there looking for prey.

May you, nor others, ever encounter such a predator ever again.

All the best to you, Ms. foldedunfolding!

you are a very kind man. thank you so much for taking the time.

My pleasure, my friend. Your story definitely warranted my comments.

Nothing but the best for you in the future!

oh hun beautifully written i understand every word as its happened to me :) xxx

aww thanks. im sorry it happened to you as well:(