She Got Her Father To Warn Me Off

Hey guys,

I knew this girl for a short time as a biz associate. She is in her mid 30s and living with a guy and I am in my early 40s. We got on ok on a business level.
We met about a dozen times to review consutruction projects for Montreal. She was very friendly, smiley, outgoing, warm, told me a lot about her family and her boyfriend whom  she lives with.
I never asked her out (a) cos she was in a relationship. I am single.
However, we did get on together.
After she completed a project for me I gave her a small gift to say thank you and welcome to the team. She was a sub contractor. She send me a text that evening thanking me for the gift. I responded that it was no problem and I was happy to have her working with us.
A week later she called my cell phone to say she couldn't work with me. She was contracted to work with another firm and working with me would compromise her biz relationship with the other company. She said she was so sorry. But maybe we might hook up to work together in the furture.
I said ok and asked her to meet for a coffee to run over some of the plans I had already discusedd with her.
She said yes and we agreed to meet the following Monday evening.
I arrived at the hotel and text her to say I was there in the lobby. She text back to say she had forgotten about our meeting.
I said ok. I called her the next day to rearrange our meeting and she wouldn't pick up. Instead she sent me a long email stating that it was not possible for her to work with me and that she thought there was no point in meeting me.
I was baffled, confused and felt very guilty. Like I had done something to her. Which I hadn't. I didn't respond to her. I thought about it fora few days. Couldn't understand why she had changed her attitude towards me. I genuinely never asker her on a date and never made a move on her. So I was totally confused.
But the best part of it was meeting her in the same hotel by coincidence a month later. I told her it was unfortunate she couldn't work with me. And that I was baffled by the tone of her mail to me. She muttered somehing about being under pressure, not having time to meet up with friends and didn't see the point in having anything to do with me.
At that point I had had enough of her insults and just turned away and left her in the lobby. I went about my business. A few days later I got a call on my work cell phone from her  father accusing me of causing her stress. She obviously told him a story about me harrassing her which I never did.
When he listened to me for a few minutes I think he realised his daughter hadn't been telling him the whole truth.Anway that was a back in March and I'm still baffled by her behaviour.
(a) why treat me so badly when I never did anything untoward on her?
(b) why ask her father to call me?

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She probably was stressed out by other situations unconnected to her working relationship with you. However, she used you as the catalyst for her unhappiness and blamed you for whatever was stressing her. Probably something to do with her boyfriend. I wouldn't worry about her. Narcissitic woman.