Beautiful Changing...

smiling... not just with your mouth... it is not smiling. your face should be bright and you should smile with your eyes too at the same time. you can feel the warm feeling which is makes you happy and gives you good energy. İf you smile like this to someone even totally stranger, you can easily see the changing on his/her face. that wonderful, warm energy pass to him/her and you can make his/her day bright too. Warm smile to everyone :))

Peace, love and light,


Sleepless34 Sleepless34
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14 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Nice comment and wonderful quote, thanks Splash! I have never tried to dive fully dressed into the water. Maybe i should try this sometimes :)

Thanks Heavyduty :) Sending you a big smile :)))))

Thanks for the great comment George. i look at myself on the mirror every morning and smile myself. i can feel the changing my eyes, my face, my soul...

Yes indeed... you can feel their soul in their eyes, eyes become much more bright and alive... smile*

Thanks Coffeemate. I am smiling with you :) HUGS

Thank you Antigravity, im glad you smile :) <br />
It is warm, sunny and bright morning here and im sending bright sunshine all of you. HUGS ALL :)

Thank you Shine and Angel, you have made my day bright :) HUGS

Thank you anna, im glad you are still here on EP :) hugs...

Thank you my friend, you make me smile too. hugs....

Well, you've made me smile :)

Thank you very much for your insperation comment. It is important, i agree with you. I will say "I LOVE YOU"... hugs and wish you have a wonderful day Rhoses :)

I will smile and if they see sad or hurting them them if no one has said I LOVE U I do and mean it some are shocked some just smile back ya know the look ok maybe they are crazy smile so they will go away have a blessed day AND IF NO ONE HAS TOLD YOU TODAY YOU ARE LOVED i JUST TOLD YOU GOD BLESS OR WHAT IS YOUR HIGHER POWER

Yes indeed Zion... thanks for your comment :)

you sure right ...when I smile at people and tell them I like your shoes or just hello it really makes there day and makes me happy