Something So Simple.

When i used to work in the city, on my cigarette breaks i would always be confronted by homeless people and various other weirdos. I would always give them a cigarette, and then they'd usually sit down for a chat about absolutely nothing or something completely crazy, but i'd always listen, and i'd always see them again, and i'd always smile or say hi.
Now when i go into the city, i run into so many people i know.
A homeless, petite aboriginal lady who claims she put rat poison and other chemicals in to the water that is supplied to all the stores in the city centre. Everytime i see her, even if she doesn't see me, i'll go up and see her, give her a cigarette, maybe have a chat to her. When i was working at McDonalds, she'd come for $2 coffee and i would always give her back her money and fill her coffee cup for free and give her some fries or a burger. Out in the mall if i was on a break, i would usually give her the left over of my meal, because i rarely ate every last bit. She never asked for me to do anything like that, but i wanted to. I don't know what got her into the situation she's in now, and i know she's a little crazy, but i know deep down she's just another person, and if nothing else, at least she knows there's one person that has some sort of appreciation for her. I've known her for probably 3 years now.
There's Alex, a tall 20 year old guy who i know is absolutely infatuated with me. He's into the drugs, and he hangs out in the city with the scummiest of people every single day. I've known him for probably 5 years. I give him the time of day because i can tell that aside from the rough and tough mask he exerts is really just that. I can see he is such a sensitive human being. So i appreciate him for that. Sometimes when i'm in a rush i will try to avoid eye contact as i walk by where he hangs out, but most of the time he will run into me, or i'll have a chat to him and see how everything is going with him. And i know, i'm probably the only person who has showed a genuine interest in him and his life that day, week, even month.
Then there's the old man that hangs around the chinese store in the myer centre. He was a customer at McDonalds every single day, and i worked fulltime nights by myself, so inevitably i got to know him too. He's completely harmless, but most people think he's a complete weirdo. He will talk anyones ear off. About absolutely nothing, but it's clear all he wants is someone to talk to, so i lend him an ear and try to reciprocate.
Then there's the old homeless man who is most commonly seen going through the bins and picking up cigarette butts. He looks haggered and sore. He's old and dirty. He never asks for change or cigarettes. He doesn't talk to anyone. He barely exists. I used to have my cigarette breaks out on the street and i would always see him raiding the bins for food scraps and cigarette butts. Next time i saw him i made sure i made eye contact, i wanted him to look at me. He did, and gave me a smile, with the kindest eyes i'd ever seen. I gave him a couple of cigarettes and insisted i was done with the rest of my meal. He said thank you, still smiling. I still see him every now and then, and i will always smile and ask how he is doing. For reasons unknown he has to live the toughest of lives, and gets ridiculed and scowled at by every single person. I hope that the simple gestures i make do lift his spirit even the tiniest bit. 

I actually shed a tear reminiscing about that one!

But there are countless more...

In my own head sometimes i think i feel as lonely as them, it can mean a lot for someone to do something as simple as give you the time of day, a listening ear, or a smile. And it makes me happy to know that i may have made someones day even the slightest bit brighter. So not only does it make someone else feel really appreciated, it makes me feel great too. I believe you can never smile or laugh too much in a lifetime.

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wow1 this is a great story. i used to do this kind of stuff in chicago!

Wow! You are an amazing human being. You have my deepest admiration.