Keep On Smiling

i can speak from experience here, because i know that during some of my crappiest days, a simple smile from another person has really lifted me up. such a small gesture, even from a total stranger, can mean so much. this is why i think we should all make an effort to smile more often. i'm one of those people who smiles quite a bit, and often get looked at as though i have three heads, but there are those times when someone will sincerely return the gesture. i believe they're saying, "thank you." so just try it sometime--flash someone a smile and who knows, you just may be brightening their day more than you could even imagine.

runnagirrl runnagirrl
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4 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Your story has inspired me, I'm going to try smiling at people more often :)

totally! smiling makes everyone feel better :)

here here! i like to think of it as a chain reaction. smile at someone, improve their day, then they do a good deed for someone else, then that next person goes and lends someone else a hand somehow...<br />
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there's a lot of power in the little things in life. they really add up in a wonderful way!

I totally believe in that one and being kind to others by holding the door, saying hello in passing, acknowledging them and always giving them a smile. There is not enough kindness in this world if you ask me so I love to show others that it still exists.

absolutely the world would be a better place if people would extend such simple actions that cost them nothing but a few seconds of time.