It Can Change Your Day As Well

Smiling at people will really make your day better by lifting your mood as well as the ones you smile at. It doesn't cost anything and helps counter all the negativity in the world.

susanjay55 susanjay55
51-55, F
6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

I agree completely!! I smile at everyone I pass. Sometimes I even wink at them. Most smile back and it gives me a warm and pleasant feeling. Besides, being grumpy takes a lot more effort.

Oh yes - and makes you feel so much better too!

Agreed sj51. And when strangers smile and thank you for holding the door open or holding the lift for them it works both ways.

Smile can melt even the worse of days and costs nothing. I do alot of smiling when swimming or just meeting people on the streets.

It's amazing that something so simple and so easy is so neglected too! I understand that some days it's dificult to smile, but I know that if I get a smile or two on one of those days, it certainly makes it easier for me to do the same. Based on that perpsective, I'm sure tht my smiles to others probably helps them ... at least a little ...<br />
So, y'all smile out there!!!!!! :-)

You are so absolutely right!