A Smile Disarms Them, Grimace and They 'arm You!

I work in engineering, and a lot of the trainees 16-25 have little or no schooling, no role models other than austrolepithicus, and see me, their manager, as every bad teacher, policeman, case worker or authority figure, that they have experienced or imagined. In order to inspire them, to stretch themselves and move from sloth to skilled worker, with commensurate pay and the self respect that that brings, I need to smile as often as I can, whatever the situation, whatever mistake they have made and however they present to me. If I smile as soon as I see them on a Monday morning, it tends to disarm them and prevents any anger or aggression from the weekend, being amplified and allowed to dictate the course of the week.

I know this for an absolute fact , as my deputy  who is a miserable bastard, and only smiles at the misfortune of others,  gets all the crap he deserves, from all who cross his path and spends most of the week dealing with self inflicted greivances that could be so simply expedited by just a smile.

Proof, my door is always open , his is barricaded !!!    I rest my case and a wry smile is on my lips.

Cherpee Cherpee
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Be great if more people thought like you do<br />
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MUCH nicer to be greeted at work by a smile