A Smile Is A Gift.

I believe the greatest gift you can give a stranger is a smile.  No matter how difficult my own life may have been it is a gift given in hopes of giving a stranger "hope". The same hope we needed. Everyone needs hope.  We never know what someone else may be dealing with and can't assume our own problems outweigh everyone elses.  It is not to mask the pain we are feeling but to overcome it.  It changes what has happened to you so a good legacy prevails instead of the bad.  I am always amazed how 99% of the people we smile at not only respond positively but pass it on.  I also get a kick when I see how people aren't quite sure how to take me when we first meet until that smile is shared and then it seems to break the ice completely.  I believe something as simple as a smile can truly change the world, one smile at a time.

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Nicely said...you just made me smile ;-) dc

A smile is one true gift anyone can give anytime and it can alleviate your own hurt in the meantime. So, smiles sent your way and thank-you for commenting.

When you smile at some one real genuine and take interest in them, you feel rewarded cause you will get the smile back and if you smile at everyone you come across, pretty soon you make many good friends , smilling is so rewarding. <br />
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Thank you for posting it, has been almost a year but everybit of it true.

Friendship can fill that void. I loved the movie "Pay it Forward". It shares how simple acts of kindness may not solve all of life's problems but can change people enough that they can pass it along. Before you know it tons of people's lives have been affected in a positive way with nothing expected in return but to pay the act of kindness forward. I think the same applies to friendship and smiles.

Smiles in return to everyone above. Also, love those mischievous smiles. Keeps them wondering.

You have summed up my life attitude perfectly. And a particularly funny side, I have had people ask me what are you up to, that smile looks mischevious etc. Kinda makes me giggle inside. Keep smiling!!

Endless smiles sent your way then. Enjoy.

A smile goes a long way and can lead into some wonderful friendships. And no matter how hard the day, when some one smiles at me or offers a hug, all my worries disappear for a bit.