Smoking Chickens

Many a'time I have quietly snuck out to my smoker grill to plop chickens on the rack, paranoid that the SPCA would raid my yard and arrest me. 
AaaaaaRGH AaaaaaRGH
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5 Responses Aug 4, 2010

My pup is a greyhound...he doesn't need any help getting away fast. Though I'm now tempted to put rollerblades on him to see what happens. Don't think he'll let me though. Every Christmas, when I try to put antlers on his head, he shakes them off and looks at me with that "not again" look on his face.

Well he needed to get away fast !!!!! duct tape booties for the dog hahahahahaahaha.. aaaarrrrrgh you crack me up lololol

Putting roller skates on a dog? That's almost as silly and making duct tape booties for him.

Oh you must put roller skates on all of them and roooolllllll away quickly !!!! lolol

I've told the SPCA many times, they'll never take me alive! Though trying to gather up my dog, sheep and smoker grill while on the lam is more difficult than one would think.