Trey's Story

I work aat a place part time on the weekends and I was talking with my friend and coworker. I noticed she was wearing this wrist band that said Trey.

She to me why she was wearing it and hhow anyone can get the same kind.
Its a story about a little boy name Trey, he is 7 years old and lives like any other child, loves to play, make friends and loves his mom.

He is a 7 year old boy with Diabetes, type one. Now my friend told me that they are trying to raise money to get a diabetes dog so he wold alarm when the boy's blood sugar goes in either direction, now I'm not sure how much the pup is, I am assuming its going to cost more than what Trey's parents can afford.

Those of you that live in New Hampshire near the coast can aquire ticket for dinner and dance. Tickets are $25.00 each, which is worth every penny for a boy's life. Another thing that can be purchaced, is a wrist band. Each one is $5.00.

If anyone is interested, you can message me and I will give you the boy's aunty's phone number and she can instgruct you in what you can do. please, I am asking all of you to do this and I am sure she will show proof that this is for the boy's cause and nothing else.

Thank you in advance
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the dinner dance is on Feb 2nd at the American Legion in town named Rochester new hampshire. trey's aunty's name is Courtney I had to make a correction on the cost of the ticket. Its $20.00 each not $25.00. mesaage me for more info and I will send it along.

again thank you

Awww what a really nice thing to do......

You are a great friend to do this! I already knew you were noble, but this puts the cherry on top of the sundae. I'm sure Trey...and his mother appreciates you for posting this story on his behalf! :)