Sneeky Pete

Last year on June 1st, my girlfriend's cat gave birth to three beautiful kittens. two girls and one boy. We gave two of the girls to very good homes and I kept the male. His sisters were grey and brown mixed, part short haired tabby and maine coon.

Pete was different form his sisters, he had markings on him that were so unique. his paws are white and the rest is almost like a calico tiger mixed coat. HIs eyes are brownish green and he has that trade mark ringed tail.

He is the most comical cat I have ever seen. He is 7 months old and almost twice the size of his mother. He is playfull, loving and like a gentlemen. Accept when it comes to ******* his mother off when he wants to romp on her.

He always craves for attention and is 100% lap cat. When he purrs, you can hear him from two rooms over. I have this laser pointer that he goes cravy over. I swear he could climb the walls if I pointed the light there. Its one of my favorite amusements when I'm bored lol.

He is a very sociable cat, walks around with his tail up in the air and he makes sure that everyone has there chance to pat and scratch the back of his neck.

Poor thing acts like he is starving when he ate five minutes ago, one day his paws will not reach the floor and he will roll to get from one place to the next.

Remember to greet an hug your cat
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5 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Wow, I enjoyed that... I've always been fascinated with Maine Coon cats. I'd love to have one someday. It must be wonderful having such a companion.

Hahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for this story! I have known cats like this- they are sweet natured, and can EASILY crack you up, too! :-D

Sometime they act like they own the place too! hehehehehe

Oh, YES- I KNOW about that kind of cat! :-D Hahahahahahaha!

thanks for the sweet post!

*Two thumbs up!*

laser pointers can be down-right fun.. funny while playing with a cat. i get as much fun out of it as my cats do the bouncing, darting light.. too cool.

aw he sounds like such an amazing cat and friend :)