i was not meant to be on earth. i am the product of two people who should never have had sex with anybody, let alone marry one another. Both my parents were accidents.

i have decided not to have children.
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My son was not planned but he is the best thing to ever happen to me. My niece and nephew were not planned and they are so important to me and my family. My parents have a horrible relationship but thats not a reflection on me. SO LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU AND MAKE THE BEST OF IT EVEN THOUGH ITS HARD.

I completely understand! I was born to a bi-polar, abusive, alcoholic father and a obsessive compulsive, unfeeling, narcasitic mother. From birth to 18, my mother was obssesed with my father, even after they separated when I was 8. It only ended when he died. From that point on, any time I did something she didn't like she'd say, "You're just like your father." I've spent years telling myself it isn't my fault and all that crap. I know it isn't my fault, but I also understand that I can't perpetuate it. I'm crazy broken because of it. Broken beyond repair, why would I want to continue the cycle by having kids of my own?