Of Course There Are....

There are some areas of EP that are for creative types to write love stories, erotica, and other fictional or non-fictional posts that anyone wants to create. Then there are those more serious pleas where persons share some really far out stuff that I never know if it is a really wild piece of ficton of if it is real. If it involves a life or death scenario I tend to err on the side that I may be made a fool of to help the person but if it is something non-life threatening then I just move on and read the next post and won't post to it. I think sometimes those persons are looking for attention and I don't feel it is my place to give it to them.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

You are right DMW... I agree that maybe the group should read "I fantasize about..." I had never thought about some of the stories being someone's fantasy although some people will send me messages saying they act out some of my erotic pieces. I am not sure how I feel about that at this point lol. <br />
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Sylph, I have just had some folks that have taken advantage over the years. Most people here are awesome though. <br />
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Iza, It is scary that all your stuff is true but I know that it is lol.

I think it's cool that people can post their fantasies here. As long as they make it clear that that's what they are.<br />
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I wouldn't want fantasy and reality to become confused, like they are in politics.

Hmmm...good point. Never saw it that way; or if I did, I was just gullible. I usually take what's out there and don't give second thoughts. Hmmm...must be cautious now...can't be too trusting...