Watching, And Waiting!

And when i find this dark thing watching me;  i will be the one watching you from now on!

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
15 Responses Feb 9, 2010

All is well !! Nothing "Black" can hurt me (Black is "Beautiful)being the Creator of "Light" is guarding me !!

Ok i will try to keep up!

I'l make sure I slow down my ninja-ness so you know it's me

ninja costume with red heels and i dont even get to see it...

With red heels

O well i guess it is fine then...

Yeah, but it's just a black outfit with a hat

What so no real ninja costume?

Pah, that sucks, it's just a black outfit dude

I dunno i think i would have to see the get up first.

Sure, as long as I can wear my whole ninja get up

You gonna help me do it?

Meh, fair enough

If it comes down to that i will!

Hehe you're gonna scare the dark?