Above, Around, And Behind

Above the piano, the stains of time from framed moments of love and happiness...
The day the boys in horizontal stripes, sporting ringlets and smiles, danced around the deck belonging to the grandma they were never supposed to know,... the day the Grandfather decided to keep living after his love passed away,.... the day the one who was never going to speak to her became a big sister,... the night the family spent together preparing for Christmas,... the day the sister became a mother again...

Around the piano, the floor still unfinished, scratches from all the tiny first footsteps,...
a bit of dog hair from the doberman/shepard mix she swore was going to be a lap dog,... bows discarded after dance recitals... and always the stray lego one could sail across the floor on, while injuring the instep.

Behind the piano, they will find the precious pictures dropped unknowingly,...
the card with the Bible verse she quoted to herself like a mantra until the day he came home from war,... perhaps her mother's fifty year old wedding ring,... bills that never got paid,... and one stray work glove.

And when they take it away, they will know there was a life, a family, a home, that noone can really remove - planted in all of our hearts.

Something we did in love.

jenvice jenvice
46-50, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Thats beautiful Jen. I wish i had a gift like you

Thank you. I do believe you do have many beautiful gifts - such as your love for your children and your ability to express yourself through writing.