If you can read my thoughts then try to read my silence when I am not near, try to read the untold tale of my heart .
Try to hear my silent whispers , at the bottom of my heart lingers innumerable unspoken words that I could barely whisper try to unearthed them.
When you can’t look into my eyes try to feel my essence.
Do you stay awake feeling that am staying awake in the darkest hour of the night, gazing the sky along with the sleepless stars..if not yet once try to feel then you can feel the bliss of togetherness ...everyday my heart feels.
Can you feel when with all my senses I crave for you but no where when you are seen then my longing whispers resonate with my solitude.
In silence I stay alone thinking of you from afar ,loving and wishing for your happiness.
So whether words fill up my pages or not you are always in my thoughts and I talk with you in my special way ,you make me enjoy my silence.
winterfall winterfall
May 7, 2014