Can't believe he couldn't even be bothered to call to find out how I'm doing. All he knows is I had a high fever and was going to the hospital.
Merry fucken Christmas ******. Don't even wanna talk to your bastard face until after the holidays.
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:) hope you had someone there with you though.

No I didn't. I was alone but I made it thru

attagirl. :) hope he's out of your life.

He is now. February 8th will be six months apart

kudos to you. clap * clap* clap*

Thanks. I'm surviving. He was cheating on me and is happily with her and her four kids

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Went through something very similar. I'm sorry to hear and I Hope you get well.

Doesn't sound like a very good man.

Why talk to him at all? He wasn't there when you needed him most