Humans claim they know me well,Yet no one can see through my shaking shell."I'm okay",I say every time I am asked and they believe and leave me to deal with this torment alone.I've hidden behind this wall most of my life,I have managed so far.No one has to know of the pain that I feel I guess.The real me inside,where no one can see.Fooling and hiding from others is easy but one can just not fool or hide from themselves.
moonii moonii
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 29, 2015

The torment can do one of the two things
If it's bringing you more closer to your Creator be assured it's a blessing in disguise which not only will make you strong but will make your bond more stronger
If it's not then then it's something to look time to make the bond stronger
As far as humans are concerned not all humans are alike though the real sincere ones are quite rare and with His mercy you will be able to find them
First step towards finding them to keep your characters beauty same regardless what people do
Be the one whom people wish to find and He will connect you one day to the one who really will see through you
Finally mostly hard tests come in the way of those who are beloved to Him
So think it that way too that you are blessed too in that regard, :)