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Silence is not always a bad thing. There is the comfortable silence where you are close enough to another person to be able to communicate without words.  I used to think silence was a bad thing but not so much anymore.

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Hehe I know you didn't but I was playing off your words because i love doing that. I knew what you meant and I love ya for it.


Dead? No one wants to be dead. Well. I will babble away that me I'm alive. <br />
Babble Babble LOL. <br />
Later. I'm going to math class.

If I am quiet I am dead. lol<br />
<br />
Polly sometimes all I have are words yet sometimes they are overrated.

I'm impressed, Mother! :) I'm lucky to think much at any time! lol.

wow... emerald. If I'm quiet. I'm thinking.

Quiet can tell alot about some people's moods. If I'm quiet I'm pensive or pissed. lol.

A mental boundary huh? I am not so sure i have those. Not emotionally anyway. What ones have you been pushing?

I think I can be a babble mouth. Sorry.

well. I think I can be quiet for like a minute. I will have to start talking.

By pushing your mental boundaries.<br />
<br />

How do you play with the ones that aren't physical?

Bruises aren't always physical.

well what is the deeper part?

I bruise easily. And there is something much deeper.

No i don't usually pay them any attention. Actually i don't often bruise, but i haven't been hit in a long time either... Still there usually isn't any pain involved with me. anyway i bet there is something deeper with what you said.

Just pushing it and feeling the pain and watch it change colors and stuff.

I am not sure how one would play with them to be honest...

I like to play with my bruises. Do you do that?

Well it does the next day.. but sometimes it is good. I don't expect many people to understand, but i need to fight sometimes. I think it is healthy for me.

Lol you are right. and hurts a lot worse than silence.

Fist can speak pretty loudly too... Oh the good times..