Painted Her Butt Red

Typically me and my husband have to spank out daughter more who is 16, more than our son who is 8. Last night at dinner our daughter got mad at us and started to yell at us and threw her phone across the kitchen, this phone is new. She got sent to her room instantly. About 20 minutes later her father and I went up to her room with my old wooden hair brush where she was ordered to remove her shorts and panties. She refused to do so and that automatically added more to her punishment. I pulled them down for her and she then had to lay down on her bed and her father picked up her legs, it's easier to spank her in diaper position so she can't kick us. I then started with my hand and gave her 5 hard spanks to get her ready then I took my hair brush and "painted her butt red." Generally I spank until her lesson is taught and she is crying and pleading mercifully, she got almost 68 hairbrush swats last night. She then got 32 swats with a little switch for refusing at the beginning (her age times 2 depends on how many extra swats she gets for refusing or "acting up"). After she was required to sit on a wooden stool in the corner for 30 minutes and then got 5 more hand spanks and her punishment was over. Now for 2 weeks before she goes to bed, which she has early bed time, she is getting a spanking and se has no phone for 2 weeks. This is for having a temper tantrum and throwing her new phone. As long as she lives under our roof, if she wants to act like a little kid, she will be treated like one. Spankings are more effective on her that on our son. 
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That is a sexy position for your daughter, I believe she was so embarrassed.

This is complete nonsense. You at best are a child abuser and at worst probably a felon with an assault / battery pervert. You think this is normal discipline? Come on. In your dreams and in the dreams of others. For tossing a phone? Normal folks that would agree to this type of behavior as normal have lost their minds!

For starters, this was not over done. She didn't really get spanked every night before bed for 2 weeks. It was more so just a threat to make her behave. Also, she done more than throw her phone.. It was a brand new phone we had just bought her, we have always had the rule, no phones at the table, when we eat dinner, it's family time. So, she had broke the rules, threw a brand new iPhone, had a temper tantrum like a 3 year old, along with having a smart mouth and attitude. None of my children are abused. The bible says "spare the rod, spoil the child". My husband and I discipline our children as we see fit.

A firm hand raises the child right. has her brother ever seen her being punished? I like how you share in the discipline

At some point they have seen each other get punished. They are 9 years apart so they hardly have ever got punished at the same time for doing the same thing.

I would enjoy discussing more.. would you add as a friend?

Do you have a yahoo messenger?

not at this time.. i dont.. you prefer to chat that way? i was interesting in discussing more about your discipline methods and styles..

It doesn't matter. I can email you on here or yahoo chat. I talk to several others from here on yahoo. Which ever is easier for you!

very good, please add to circle so i can message, or let me know best email address.

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you might want to diaper her if she acts like a baby. I do this with my girls and they calm down. Its called diaper discipline and it works.for me

I have heard of it, but never looked into it. Do you have a yahoo messenger, would like to talk to you about it.

Out of my daughter and my son, my daughter is the one who gets in trouble the most, therefore she gets punished more than her brother. When my husband and I punish our daughter we try other methods as in taking her phone, grounding her, ect. but it doesn't work, so she gets spanked, it is effective and she learns her lesson and to straighten up. When my son gets in trouble and gets punished, we take his video games, ground him, don't let his friends come over ect. and that makes him straighten up. So as far as what punishment is more effective, spanking works on my daughter so she gets spanked more than my son. And it is effective because it makes her think before doing the same thing again or before she chooses to smart off or talk back.

I'm confused. First, you said you have to spank your daughter more than your son. Then, you ended by saying spanking is more effective on her than him. Which is it? If spanking is more effective on her then she should be spanked less.

I love your no nonsense approach and wish you and your husband would discipline me like email is

that may have been just a tad harsh in my humble opinion, but if she can take that kind of punishment, then go for it

I personally feel spanking just teaches children that violence solves everything. Didn't you used to tell them " don't hit." and then you turn around and hit them for a mistake? I feel other relevant punishments are better for example make her pay her own phone bill so she understands that those things should be taken care of or wash her mouth out with soap to fix her smart mouth. I'm not trying to tell you how to parent your children I'm just giving my input on things.

Good job! MOM.

I have four kids yet my two youngest boys ages 6,8, I have used the diaper position in order to spank their little bare bottoms. I tend to beleive, a little boy or girl being able to watch mom or dad spank them is effective. The child can watch everything between their legs including mom or daddy face,and impletement giving them a sore red bare butt.

You know when I read this I literally shed some tears. I'm not going to tell you you are a terrible parent, nor am I going to tell you how to parent your daughter. That is not my place, and I respect that. But I would strongly urge you to also get to the root of why she acts out. You can clip a weed all you want, but it will keep coming back until you pull it by the roots. Your daughter not only needs punishment, but understanding.Once again these are only suggestions. I would never dream of telling you how to parent your children especially because I don't have kids of my own, but I would strongly urge you to talk to your daughter at length about her outbursts. If you just spank her then I fear she will become even more rebellious, and nothing will be solved. Make sure you let her know her feelings are valued, and that she understands what she is feeling. My stepfather is extremely damaged because his father did the same thing, and never told him what he was feeling. Make sure she is both emotionally aware, and also that she is emotionally mature. Brutal spankings will not accomplish any of this. She needs to talk to you, and know you are not the enemy. I'm sorry if it seems as though I have judged you or your parenting. It's just this really hit a nerve for me, and I know what your daughter's going through.

Wow. I am pro spank but to me a spanking is ten to twelve swats with a hand or paddle.I don't spank on bare bottoms.underwear is thin people..if you are being honest appear abusive..

well deserved

Without Discipline their is Chaos

sounds like just what she needs a good hard spanking when she acts out.Nothing wrong with giving your kids a old fashion spanking when they need one keep spanking!

Please keep us up to date on your daughters experiences I can really relate to them.


My daughter has actually calmed down alot. It's just she is storng willed and stubborn (she gets that from me and her daddy) and so she won't stop at nothing. She has still got spankings but not that often usually for a smart mouth but she hands over her phone when she is told. She did get a spanking Monday though, which was the first in about a month. But no matter how old she gets, if she is living under my house, she will follow my rules, and do what I say when I say.

good for you an your husband i have two girls an last spanking the girls got was around age 17

How old are your girls? My daughter is 17, and I have a son who is 8. My daughter hates being spanked, and since the spanking this story tells the fear of being spanked is enough to make her behave. even though she didn't get the full punishment like she was told she was, she still got a pretty good one.

How has your daughter's bottom been lately? Thanks for the stories I was spanked at 16 too.


Well since school has started back in august she has only got a few spankings. One was for wearing an outfit she was told bot to wear and she got in trouble for it at school. And then the others have been for having an attitude and a smart mouth.

Bar of Soap!.

I agree that kids need to have no choice in the matter when it comes to them acting up and needing spankings. Punishment shows them there are consequences for their actions and to learn right from wrong. I am a result of growing up with old fashioned punishment and don't tolerate a kid acting like that. A good spanking is the answer. Look at all these kids now that get away with things and then parents wonder why their kids are like that. Its a shame. SO to all of you that do punish your kids with spanking, ,my hats off to you. Keep up the good work as they will appreciate it later. I know I did when I grew up and live a better life for it.

I agree! Kids need to be reminded that they are not the boss, re parents are. Some parents disagree with me spanking my kids but I feel it is the most effective. When I you growing up my parents had no problem warming my backside when I misbehaved and that's they way I'm raising my kids.

I agree that kids need to have no choice in the matter when it comes to them acting up and needing spankings. Punishment shows them there are consequences for their actions and to learn right from wrong. I am a result of growing up with old fashioned punishment and don't tolerate a kid acting like that. A good spanking is the answer. Look at all these kids now that get away with things and then parents wonder why their kids are like that. Its a shame. SO to all of you that do punish your kids with spanking, ,my hats off to you. Keep up the good work as they will appreciate it later. I know I did when I grew up and live a better life for it.

My eldest daughter is 13 & her attitude & mouth & her refusal to do things gets her more smacked bottoms than her sister who is 9! I usually hand smack her bare bottom which seems to get the point across as i've got a pretty mean slap,but if shes been really bad she gets a five minute smacking with the slipper,luckily she is still small enough to put her over my knee which she hates.She then has to do 30 minutes corner time with her red bottom on show.More parents should discipline their kids.

Some parents don't agree with me spanking my kids, but if that teaches them then I will spank them. My daughter hates getting her bare butt busted and she usually gets the belt, switch, flyswat, or a ruler/paddle. And if she refuses during the spanking it's 32 more swats.And she always has corner time, even though she "is too old for time out!"

I hate being turned over the knee and spanked too! It's so childish! Even more, I hate being spanked in the "diaper position" like CoolRae's daughter!

I did reply to your original post. I thought you did a wonderful job as a spanking like that takes dedication and energy to keep it going.
Well done !!!!!!!!

all Parents are not the same . Thats Life .Some have different ways of Disciplining their youngsters . CoolRae is mine kind of Woman taking Responsibility for Disciplining her youngsters . UnDisciplined youngsters are Anti Social and Troublesome often wreaking havoc on the streets . Discipline has to Start in the home teaching Respect and obedients

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That is definitely what a lot more parents need to be doing when there is that kinf of behavior!

Some parents don't agree with me spanking my kids, especially my daughter, but I am not going to let my children be the boss in my house. If the don't want their hine-end warmed up real good then they are going to do as I say, when I say!

i hope you're making it up but if you aren't you just a mean, abusive, petty person who shouldn't have kids.

i Agree . More Parents should be Stricter to stop all the Anti Social Behaviour at home and on the streets .

CoolRae . you have my Respect Lady . your being a first Class Mother someone a husband could be proud of . Some Parents are so Stupid Bringing up youngsters without Discipline . Strict Parenting works . Without Discipline their is Chaos

sortof . i think your someone without youngsters . only an idiot would say it was Abusive to Discipline Unruly youngsters with bad Attitude

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All our kids except for the youngest age 6 get the hairbrush but when younger she used either a fly swatter or a thin paint stirring stick that we called "the ruler". It was very thin but produced quite a sting - she still uses that on our 6 year old boy starting out holding his ankles up in the diaper position. She spanks up and down the backs of both thighs and his lower hiney first, then she puts him face down on her lap and paddles his entire little hiney with the ruler to finsh up his spanking.

His twin sisters, age 8, are always quite fascinated when he gets a spanking and pay close attention, but not so much when the older boys get one. They seem to almost ignore what is going on sometimes. My wife thinks it's their "mothering" instinct that their little brother brings out in them since he is younger than they are.

One time the twins motherly insticts went a little too far when she caught them playing house and the twins had undressed him and were using the ruler to lightly smack his hiney. My wife caught them and told them that there was a right way and a wrong way to play house and they were doing it the wrong way. Of course, they knew that. My wife had them get undressed and in front of their little brother she took the hairbrush and gave each twin a spanking that she said they will not forget.

I'm sure their little brother will not have to worry about his sisters ever giving him a spanking again.

There is 8 years difference between my kids and I made it clear to my oldest that she is to never spank her brothe or she will get her butt busted and won't forget it. But we were camping some this week and the kids were playing in the lake and my oldest got mad at her brother and dunked him under after she was told not to so when we got back to the camper and she took off her bating suit, I went out and picked a little switch and wore her bare butt out with it and I'm pretty out neighbors could hear her crying. And she didn't dry off very good so of course her butt was wet. My daughter is usually spanked in diaper position so she can't kick and my son is over my lap or bent over his bed.

The punishment in the story is what we told her she owuld get, but she actually only got about 3 maybe 4 of the spankings, but they ended before we went camping.

you sound like my mother and father all in one. i am not tryin be disrespectful just that my mom and really dad spank me a lot and i get corner time i just got one of the worst spankins i evir got in my life now im layin on my belly and i dont think i will sit for the ret of my life. I know i did wrong.

How old are you? My daughter is in her room crying right now because she just got one of her worst spankings ever too. She snuck out to go with one of her friends when she was told no, because she is grounded at the moment and she snuck back in a lied to me and her dad. She got a bare bottom spanking with a switch, she had to pick herself when she bawled the whole time doing, then she got almost 60 with it, 30 minutes of corner time on a wooden stool, then 32 spanks with a leather will male her think twice the next time she starts to sneak out. Plus she got her spanking for the phone and tantrum inciden which was done with a wooden hair brush on her bare bottom.

No she did not have to sit on the stool between, but I am not sure how many swats she got.

switch & leather belt is the best for my daughters

I hear ya girl,my 5 boys regularly get their butts tanned.I will not have disrespectful kids,if mine are its down with the pants & over my knee for a good bare bottomed spanking,then corner time.I will continue to spank them all the time they misbehave & if they happen to be in their late teens when i'm still spanking them so be it.

She had stopped getting spankings around age 9 and then she hit 13 and started getting an attitude so it was backing to tanning her back-side. It's hard to put her over my knee because she always tries to kick, so it's easier for me to put her in diaper position and if she gets jn trouble at the store as soon as we get home she is regretting what she done. If people don't like the way I raise my kids they can kiss my butt! And with her she usually ends up with extra spankings because she refuses to pull down her shorts/pants and panties. But my kid will learn they are not the boss in my house, me and my husband "wear the pants" and when they choose to misbehave or disobey theirs will be dropped.

i Agree Troublesome youngsters need Discipline to stop them being Unruly . Strict Parenting works .

I feel with the way kids act today many more of them need their butts busted. I got mine beat when I was young and I have no fear of whipping my kids. There in my house and as long as they live here I will tear their behinds up when they get out of line. That's my way of parenting and that's the way in will be. In my house it's "momma's way, or no way!"

Good on all of you for sticking with it and I am a big believer of corporal punishment .I got all these plus the cane on the bare in school did me no lasting harm keep it up.

Me too, read 'I Needed African Discipline'.....oh so embarrassed!.

Thats the same with my daughter, nothing works. If we send her to her room she don't care because she has a desk top computer, a laptop, and iPod and a cell phone. And before if we took her cell phone for a month, she had an old one in her room she switched everything over to t. Now if we tale our sons video games, it almost kills him. Spanking my daughter then making her sit on a wooden stool for a bit really "changes her tune". Last night she got made because she has to go to bed early and was getting a spanking and chose to use some uncalled for words and so instead of a hand spanking she got a belt spanking. The bible says "he who spares the rod, spoils the child" so by all means the rod will be used in my house!

the bible does not say that, proverbs says it and proverbs were written by a man so sadistic his own people hated him. His son was so hated that his people rose up to kill him.

Since Proverbs is a chapter IN the Bible, her original statement was correct.

My daughter has learned if she don't want her butt busted she's going to listen to me and her father. She's at the stage where she's "getting to big for her britches" but the belt can help her fit right back in them. She hates getting spanked knowing that t is going to be on her bare bottom but if that is what teaches her the lesson, then she's going to get her bare butt busted. Grounding don't really phase her either so we are sticking to the old fashioned way!

I'm with you 100% on this,my kids get their bare butts spanked,my oldest is nearly 13 but as long as she misbehaves & lives here she will continue to get spanked til i say otherwise,

I agree and I also congratulate on being able to keep that spanking going for a lengthy time on that day. I know sometimes it is difficult to keep the child still as they wriggle and the amount of smacks being given can make the arm ache after a while together with the enegry used just keeping the bottom in position.

I should send me three to you LOL

xxxx Emma

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