The Corporal Punishment Of Schoolgirls.

There is a very interesting book on the subject of corporal punishment that I think anyone that has any interest in spanking and/or traditional discipline of any kind will find fascinating. It is called The Corporal Punishment Of Schoolgirls and although the title might be a bit purile the book is actually a comprehensive survey of the subject which will be enlightening to pro - spankers and anti- spankers alike. It focuses primarily on Britain but also makes a comparison with the rest of the world, other countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Far East. The material is drawn from official school records, punishment books and the like, newspaper articles and the personal anecdotes of both the recipients and administrators of school discipline. It presents both sides of the argument, for and against, leaving the reader to come to their own conclusions and is full of some very interesting and surprising facts. For example, school discipline in Britain was actually much more frequent and more severe in the decade and a half before it was abolished, which would have covered the mid 1960's to 1970's, than it was in the forties and fifties. Which surprised me. I'd always imagined that there had been a steady decline since the Victorian era until it was eventually abolished. Exactly the opposite is actually the case, it reached a crescendo of frequency and severity and was then abolished. It was an era when all the old traditional values were being openly challenged with the emerging free love hippie drug culture following the, for the first time in the entire history of the human race, ready availability of the contraceptive pill and I suspect that might have been a factor why school discipline became much stricter and more severe. A sort of contained panic over the fact that the youth of the times were exposed to much more pernicious dangers than previous generations, in the form of sex drugs and rock and role. There were guidelines about how school discipline  should be administered but in practice they seem to have been regarded as exactly that, guidelines that did not have to be rigidly adhered to. It was by no means particularly unusual for knickers to be pulled down, on the grounds that the cane can be a very lethal instrument and it is essential that the damage it is inflicting is seen. An alternative was to arrange the material of the girl's panties into the cleft of her bottom, which arguably was even more overtly sexual and it seems inevitable that some very intimate touching must have happened in the process, I should think. In one very prestigious private school in England that had very high academic standards seventeen and eighteen year old girls had to ***** completely naked and bend over and grab hold of their ankles for the Headmaster to cane them, for failing a maths test. Just a test mind you, not even an exam. The far east is very strict, about thirty strokes of the cane with knickers pulled down or completely naked is more or less normal apparently. In America there is apparently a north south divide with anti - spanking in the north, pro spanking in the south with the strict bible belt of the mid west, where the biblical injunction of "spare the rod, spoil the child" is taken literally and spanking children is more or less regarded as a sacred religious obligation, between them. One mother objected to her teenage daughter being paddled at school and chose as an alternative to go into the school and strap her herself. Which she did in front of two male teachers, who were there as official witnesses, lowering the girls clothing and strapping her bare bottom. In Cumbria in England, that's England in the UK, there was a school headmaster who was either very conscientious or licentious. A year or so after corporal punishment had been abolished in state schools he persuaded the parents of several of his female teenage pupils to allow him to discipline their daughters in front of them in their own homes. Not just once but on a regular basis. The girls concerned ranged from thirteen to fifteen years old and they had to be ready for bed, wearing their pajamas, when he arrived and he used to pull their pajama bottoms and panties down and put them over his knee and spank them with a size twelve school slipper. A sport shoe for American readers. While their parents watched. Then he always made a point of rubbing what he claimed was an antiseptic cream into their bottoms, as they lay over his knee having just had their bottoms very soundly spanked. With the full consent of their mother and father who sat there and watched the entire proceedings, including the standing up straight with hands on head lecture with their knickers pulled down around their ankles. Quite a few parents sent their daughters to stay with him and his wife for a couple of weeks at a time during the school holidays, specifically for what he called "Behaviour Modification." He was actually prosecuted and found guilty on several counts of physical abuse. This was only shortly after caning had been abolished in state run schools so he was simply fined and given two years suspended sentence. Although he was more or less forced to resign after the court case of course. Apparently he emigrated abroad. On the face of it he could have been a very conscientious old - fashioned traditional disciplinarian doing what he genuinely believed to be the right thing, some of the girls had been arrested for shoplifting and it seems they probably all were generally wayward, but it came out at the trial that while the girls were staying with him and his wife in the school holidays he used to wash them in the bath. In his defence he claimed that he simply treated them as he would treat  his own daughters and, as unbelievable as it might seem, that was accepted and the charges of sexual assault were dropped. How times change. These days a man who insisted on washing his own thirteen, fourteen and/or fifteen year old daughter in the bath would be likely to be looking at a custodial sentence, let alone someone else's daughters. Given the fact that the girls parents not only allowed him into their homes but actually watched him take their daughters knickers down, put them over his knee and spank them and then massage cream into their bottoms, on a regular basis, and sent them to stay with him in the school holidays; it seems to me that if a crime was committed the parents surely must have been accomplices or something and what puzzles me most is the fact that none of the parents were prosecuted for anything as well. It really is a very interesting book which looks at the subject from all angles including when it seems to have been abused by some school teachers for their own sexual gratification. Highly recommended reading for anyone with any interest in the subject at all, in favour of traditional discipline and/or against.
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As has been said, the book is factual and supported by newspaper accounts. I certainly saw one girl being spanked with her dress pulled up (by a female teacher) in front of a mixed class and a number of girls being slippered on skirts/trousers and underwear. To suggest the events described in the book as fantasy is misleading.

That book is largely fantasy padded out with some genuine fact. I was at school in the 70s and into the 80s and I can assure you that many local authorities banned all CP in school and CP for girls was already becoming rare. As for all this naked nonsense it is just middle aged men having wet dreams. Mostly if girls were caned it was on the hand (as I have been) and often the gym slipper was used on girls instead and that was always over clothes. The odd pervert certainly did put girls over their knee but it was rare. I have only ever encountered one boy at a boarding school who was beaten naked and the master was a pervert

Your comment is very interesting and based on your personal experience. The book covers the subject from the war era to the abolition of school c.p, using school punishment books, newspaper articles and personal anecdotes, siting the sixties as the peak period. A decade or two earlier than your own school experiences. I agree that the guidelines were as you describe and largely adhered to, although they were open to interpretation and often ignored. The book presents the abuse of school c.p as well as the standard or usual procedure. To dismiss it as fantasy because it describes things outside your personal experience is living in denial. I was at school in the sixties, as were my friends of course, and nothing in the book seems at all unlikely to me. The newspaper articles are of criminal proceedings that are a matter of public record, as are the school punishment books of course. Birching was still a possible judicial sentence for juveniles in those days, which was still being administered in the Isle of Man, although I believe the last birching in England was in 1958 and was of two teenage boys for scrumping apples. I'm not certain about the date but I think it was 1958. I agree entirely that your description is of what might be described as the most usual practice but to dismiss the rest as "largely fantasy" simply because it is outside your personal experience is a bit over the top really I think, living in denial.

So do you have newspaper accounts showing girls being ******** naked for punishments by male teachers? I have seen a newspaper account from teh 1950s that tells of a security guard/nightwatchman who found 2 ten yera olds in commercial premisies after it had been closed up. He gave them a choice of a spanking or the police. he bared their bottoms and spanked them. Then stupidly he did it again so each girl was spanked twice. This wa sconsidered so awful by the caught and so peculiar he was examined by doctors.

It's not really the sort of thing I collect but if you read the accounts in the book you can check them out online in the old newspapers they appeared in, or go to the relevant local library and ask to see their newspaper archive section.

What I'd really like to know is where this book (The C.P. of Schoolgirls) is available now.

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that's not what spanking is.