The Difference Between Facts And Perception

(From the news of 2009)

82% of the French opposed a law banning spanking, according to a survey (2009). This survey was conducted on November 19 and 20 (2009) by telephone among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 people and published by TNS Sofres.

52% of respondents, including 60% of left-wing supporters and 38% right-wing supporters, found dat spanking is "a gesture that must be avoided." But 45% think spanking is necessary "because it teaches the child respect for authority," 60% right-wing and 38% left-wing.
To the question "do you or have you spanked your children?", 67% answered "yes", 46% "exceptionally", 19% “sometimes” and 2% "often".

Commentators noted that most vociferous opponents against spanking rarely have children and have political or professional interests in the criminalizing of spanking.
JeandL JeandL
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Dec 16, 2012