Essays From Primary School Pupils

Nine year old French children, born around 2002, wrote an essay about « my last spanking » at primary school. There was no essay available of 18% of pupils (9% girls, 24% boys, reasons not given). 80% of the girls and 100% ( !) of the boys wrote about their last spanking (20% of the girls about some other punishment.). While ‘only’ two third of the French parents declare to spank their children, 91% of the children declare to have been spanked (children always declare to have received more spankings than their parents declare to have given). 40% of girls and 69% of boys described their spanking as very painful.

To note, most children write with love about their parents ; they understand their anger and they write that they will surely never do this again.

(In Belgium or the Netherlands, the results are basically similar. The spanking ban effectively criminalises close to 100% of the parents.)
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why not print some of the essay's.

They are now in "I got spanked as a child"

I do not find them in that group. Perhaps you are refering to the sixteen short essays that you put in the group I Got Spanked As a Kid? That is