Hop Ki Do, Ju Jitsu, Lets Even The Odds

Hear is a fun story...

Im a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Hop Ki Do.  I started my training when I was 12.  So I have roughly 19 years experience in martial arts.  My forte is pressure point fighting.  I was trained by the Captain of the Korean Army.  I was a junior olympic champion.  I was even expected to compete in Sidney for the 2000 Olympics.  (I got knocked up instead.)

There were NOT other girls in my do jang.  So I sparred grown men 2-4 times my size.  I could knock the crap out of them.  The only disadvantage is if they could land any kick, at only 110 pounds and at 5'8" I would LITERALLY go FLYING across the room.  I left more than one dent in the wall.  You would not believe the bruises  I would get on my arms and chins.   (But I dished out more than what I received and those guys NEVER held back!)

In competition, if you fight in the black belt division, KO and TKO are allowed in age groups 13+.  Here I am a a 13 year old girl, although I was a red belt.  There were no girls for me to fight.   My instructor, put me in the black belt teen boys division.  I was disqualified for knocking the boy out with the first kick.  I did a spin back kick.  My heal landed on his chin and he was out like light.  Everyone stood there with there jaws on the floor.  Then the Korean instructors argued about what to do with me as I was not suppose to win - or atleast win that easily.   (The boy was fine.  He cried and the other boys refused to fight me. lol)

I dont spar anymore.  I still exercise and I still practice my kicks and my hand to hand combat with my husband; because you never know when you'll need it.  (I may be tall; but Im tiny and I have 3 kids, two of them being 4 and 2).  You really dont want to corner me.

I like my guns too.  I have been shooting since I was 10.  I started hunting when I was 12.  I shot my first automatic weapon when I was 13.  You never know when a woman might have a liscense to carry or how experienced they are with any weapon.  Just because we are pretty; doesnt mean we cant be dangerous.  :)  Happy Trails.
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Like I said, even the odds a little bit; then those that think its ok, will think twice.

its definetly not ok