When I was little I was always terrified of aliens and had nightmares of them,
And it was just a phase. Ever since I became pregnant with my son I have the most vivid dreams.
But the last three weeks I've had about 5 different dreams of seeing space ships, but I'm not scared
I know that they should be there or something, so curious I decided to look online about sightings, and found on a fox 5 news report
That as of January first there has been an uprise in the amount of UFO sightings around the world, that kinda bugged me out..
I been obsessing over the great changes for a while, I know there is extraterrestrial life forms out there, and I do believe they have
Something to to with this whole project we call earth. Just can only really wait and see.
Kariwerkheiser Kariwerkheiser
1 Response Jan 31, 2012

hello there, not sure if you are still part of this site, but i read what you wrote and i wanted to ask you, do you know anything abt Nibiru? supposedly(and yes, i believe it) there is a twin star in our solar system, now this thing is supposed to have an orbit of abt 3600 years, which would place the "old gods"(inhabitants of nibiru) here on earth right around biblical times, which would explain the lightbulbs and spacemen on the pyramids. anyways i just wanted to ask you if these are "dreams" or just foggy memories.