I Know Great Things Will Happen Starting In 2012

The years of unification season is now in 2012 - 2024 for our current planet years. It will take 12 years to complete our step in unification as beings. We begin this year 2012, are you ready to join the ride? WE(ME) are not alone there are many beings out there who are merging minds (consciousness) as well. Every being in the universe is going through the same journey as WE(ME). WE(ME) will stay together, WE(ME) need each other. It is a natural evolution process for beings. I am just letting us(WE,ME) know so we understand what is coming. And so WE(ME) will be brave to the upcoming changes.
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I believe we are entering a new stage where the veils will slowly lift and we will begin to live a full life of consciousness that our ancestors experience eons ago before we became more left brained, logical and materialistic.

i agree

We are the chosen generation to reveal the truth. The change has already began to evolve out of corruption into a paradise in free will. I to have had an experience with a higher authority that keeps me aware of my own suffering with a sense of reasons for why?..now I know!

Its a great era to be. WE will get to truly experience the human experience without interruption. Free to be.

I believe what's coming will be rapture for those who accept the change in the forces of nature that control our minds which is where the corruption begins

I am aware that more and more are awakening and that we, as a species, will soon awaken. The movement is so intense in that direction, it's rather like a spiritual tsunami that is still off-shore (as it pertains to the body of humanity).

yes its very powerful. i can feel the power rise in me everday. And i know its because more and more people are waking up. The more we wake up the more power we humans possess.

When I was 4, all the kids in the neighborhood would play in our back yard. Most were older than me. At some point, someone would look up and announce "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight ...." and they would claim their wish. I was so jealous because I could never remember to look up. One day they were playing and I remembered, so I found a place to hide and I watched the night sky. Then I saw it and I was FIRST!!! "Star light, star bring ....", I called out. I was so excited, I would get my wish, but I hadn't thought the wish part out yet and I needed to make it right away. So I thought briefly and thought "I want to help bring peace on earth". I waited a minute and asked the star if I could have that wish. "Yes" was made very clear to me. Lo these MANY years later, I am still amazed that one so young could even know that there wasn't peace on earth. I am here to be part of this. It's part of my purpose. I just know it.

yay!!! Thanx for helping. WE need as much of us as we can get to change our world back to a reflections of the heavens.

Mine said its after death and its a burning firery hell. Another realm. I hope it changes.

Its all perception. If it is a fiery hell then it will be yours alone. Hell is in the mind. When your in a hellish mindset here when you pass you will still be in that mindset until you reincarnate and experience to change it. Heaven is right here on earth.

How do I get back to God. When I was in the hospital sleeping I think demons were attacking me in my dreams but don't remember.when someone woke Mr up cause I must of been making noise I ran into the bathroom crying for God to help me. Than I saw Christ rising with a small child holding a teddy bear and I thought it was little me, my innocents not sure if the devil was playing a truck so I took her back and Christ looked at me and shed a tear.this was all happening when I was fully awake.few months later again had a feeling of fighting Good and evil. Note I feel dead inside not sure what to do. I want the old me back.can you give me some guidance?

Finding self and talking to god is actually easier than you think. Demons cant really hurt you they can just whisper and tease you. And you are the one that has to call them they cant just call in. So maybe you negative state of being called them on accident. So back to how you can find yourself and god. Find a place where you feel comfortable. Grabs some covers if its cold. Bc you want to be completly cozy and comfy. Bring a candle. Make sure your not around anyone for this one. And say IF there are any demons or negative spirits around me may you please leave now. And light your candle. And poof they are gone. You will feel it in you head like a vein pumping harder then usual or a sharp short headhache. Then after you accomplished this. Be still in a comfortable position and be quite.Relax. Stop any emotions or thoughts. Just stop thinking. Focus on something like something you like. just imagine playing with it in your mind. OUr imagination is a very powerful tool by the way. You can manifest anything you want that way bc god and spirits do not understand our language very well. visuals work best. So sit there and think about nothing or focus on something like peeling and orange in your mind smelling it tasting it looking at the details of it. You can even change the orange colors or morph it into something else. Anything to stop you from thinking. You may think and thats ok just let it pass and go back to peeling your orange in your minds eye. The more practice you get the longer the space between non thinking and thinking. But no matter how much practice you got. This is called meditation. Just controlling your thoughts. There are alot of youtube videos on this as well. you can play binaural beats and focus on the sounds. Focus is powerful. W/e you focus on comes into your reality. and thoughts manifest. meditate and change your state of being so you wont have negative thoughts.

That small child is you. They are showing you that you are still that same child but in a bigger body. YOur childhood situations in the past still haunt you today. You must let them go now do not let the past drive you mad its gone. All you have is the present moment thats why they call it a present :-D. If you live life in the past you will stay in the past and never grow. Because you have an astral body and when you imagine the past your astral body is acutally still in the past and reflecting in your present moment. To much future gives you anxiety. Althought making plans for the future is good. Tell god your plans and then leave it trust him he will grant you your wish. he has to he loves you. so dwelling on future will just make it take longer bc of your anxiety for the future. So stay in the now more often. Focus on the trees and the sky. Walk in the wilderness. Ask for protection if you fear anything and so it will be. You have an infinite amount of wishes. Just imagine what you want with happy thoughts and so it will be faster than you think. not instant bc that would be bad if everything was instant right now. It might take 3 weeks 3 days 3 months.

You are right. Memories from my past make me feel like an awefule person. And in mine I go back and relive it believing I know what the outcome would of been if I werent there. And snoopy is right about how I feel like a child. My childhood wasnt great parenys were addicts. I was hard on myself because I alwYs thought negative. Dont know how to socialize without coming off the wrong way. Trying to forgive. I know how I want to be but im not.just want to move forward in a betyer light....trusting muself in mu decisions and not in a fake reality.

exactly nature helps alot. you will see you are just as innocent as nature and very precious. You are a godly being of god full of light and love. You are more precious then anything material on this earth.

I hope you have started meditating and if so i hoped it has helped you heal from your past turmoils. you have no need to feel guilty about anything. you are innocent.

just as innocent as a new born child.

Number 3 gets to me. I'm turning 30 this year. Not sure if I should meditate....bad thoughts and feeling still. Just want the truth or to be able to live in reality and not. Past or future.

Earth is a reflections of the heavens. And it will be back to that state.

You want to live in the now. Meditate. Allow yourself to relax and empty all thoughts. Just relax like you were going to fall asleep but sit up and imagine and relax.

I fear my demons coming through. My own theories how God can be who he wants....God or evil. Rushing his time our maybe its mine. Stuck in the past of how Perle wing me. Being jealous of others so much.

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